A (tier)list for SSF4:AE characters in terms of execution/difficulty

I’ve searched and haven’t found a solid thread with a list of characters sorted by execution difficulty and overall difficulty. I’ll update the first post once a while with the average ranks. (f.e balrog #4,5). If you guys could make a list of a part of the full cast of AE. This might help future players too (and myself ofcourse). Characters preferably scaled from 1 to 39. (1 is the easiest 39 is the hardest.)

This is more a topic better suited to the SF4 section than the newbie dojo. I’d move it, but it’s probably just going to get trolled/flamed/closed.

All you really need to know is that viper and gen are generally thought to be more execution intensive than the rest of the cast. Exactly who is where from there is pretty subjective.