A tribute to the greatest April Fool's joke in gaming history


Unlock Sheng Long in 3rd strike! Get 1000 perfects in a row and he’ll come whup your ass


ahh yes classic picture



I love it!


Lol, that’s hilarious. Who released the prank, Capcom or some magazine?


egm magazine… your talking about the old pic right?


EGM and there jokes

I remember when they said you could unlock topless mode in DoA Extreme 1


I remember this as well.

I was gravely disappointed…


That’s a fairly nice looking sprite of Gouken there. Did you work on that, OP?


EGM’s akuma in Resident Evil 2 was also dope


That pic in the OP looks great! I think I’ll keep my fingers crossed for 3S:HDR :bgrin:


Naked Lara Croft in the first Tomb Raider and Sonic & Tails in smash were good ones.



Ahh, gotcha. That’s funny as hell.



Obviously the best one here!

Also, that 3s Gouken sprite is the bees knees.


oh i expected mvc3 for me lol

sorry cant find the pics right now


I still have that issue.


haha yes these were good too



Whoa… that was a lie?


I still have a ps1 and that game, never beat it.


Yeah the 3rd strike pic was done by me. I want to make more sf4 chars in that style. Thinking of doing Rufus next!


Well here’s my encouragement:


Seriously, you’re onto something great here. Keep going! :wgrin:

EDIT: High-res FTW!


You got that SF3 sprite style down. Keep it up!