A Trick

I just got a stick and its great but is there a trick to doing the jab,short,jab,super i can do the the first 3 moves but y cant i super is there a trick to it or im i to slow doing the supper? the best i can get is a special t come out can someone help me thanks

No real trick… but you should be doing short, jab, short anyway… short hits low, which is what you’re looking for anyway, and the short also hits further away also.

thanks gunter but i have 1 more thing do i start the super motion after the last hit or before?



Short Jab Forward is what you want anyway. Much easier to do.

As people mentioned, you want to do short, jab, forward, super or just short, jab, super… the trick is to hold the last button pressed BEFORE the super…

so for the first one, c.lk,c.lp,HOLDc.mkXXshinkuhaduken
for the second one, c.lk, HOLDc.lpXXshinkuhaduken(using a punch other than jab of course… I use mp, you can use hp if you want

Same thing applies for standing fierceXXshinkuhaduken:

run up, HOLDstanding fierce(make sure not ->fierce) XXmpshinkuhaduken

if you want to avoid links, you can just do c.short x 2 into super fb. 2 c.shorts is enough time to see if it hits or not. be sure to start the first fb motion right after you hit the second c.short, and the super should come easily. you can even do c.short, fb + s.short, and then fb + punch. just space the c.shorts to give you enough time to see if the first one hits.

thanks alot maqn that really helped

Isn’t short-jab-short-xx obsolete when short-short-short-xx is easier to do and does more damage?

I always wondered that myself.

I think people want to show off their “mad skillz” by linking jab into short :rolleyes:

Short jab short flows easier, to me …

wtf are u talking about? its not a link. lol

How does it do more damage?

Ya, Ryu’s jabs do more damage than his shorts, while Ken is the other way around.

I haven’t seen 3 cr lks for a LONG time. Why do that when you can cr lk, cr lp, cr mk , super? In fact, I can’t think of any reason why anyone would ever use 3 cr lks, but people do, or at least used to.