A tricky Akuma destroyed me today

He would do a backward leap against the edge of the screen and keep firing his aerial fireballs. Whenever I got close to him, he’d just teleport to the other side of the screen and repeat the process. I don’t think I even lay a finger on him. What could I have done to get him?


read the akuma matchup.

ultra is air fb…if u dont have ultra… SA then c spike

walk him into the corner and stay “under” the timer and get him to teleport…free combo…then you runaway…

those kind of akuma should be free. Rush+ mix up type akuma, now that’s hard to fight.

When he does air fb you can sa under and cr mk hsa.
You also can ultra his jump back fireball.
When he is in the corner and you know he will teleport move back bit for a free combo :slight_smile: