A truly bizarre question (N64 Controller)

Here’s a truly weird question…is there any way to use a Nintendo 64 pad on a PS2?

There’s a certain kind of N64 pad (minus the autofire / slo-mo) that I’ve been using for years (6+ years exclusively, actually) on a Adaptoid.

Of course, a N64 to PS2 adapter doesn’t exist, and as far as I know, there isn’t a USB to PS2 adapter. Might there be a way of fitting a PS2 PCB into such a controller, or some other means of getting a hold of something with a similar shape to that controller?

Thanks in advance to any help! :tup:

Off of my head, I can imagine that it might be possible to highjack the pcb of the n64 with a ps1 series controller. I imagine soldering wires from the ps1 controller to the traces that lead to the buttons on the pcb of the N64 controller. I have two N64 controllers but dont think I will try this on my own. I might open it and look.

If you use the way I said it, you might be able to fit the pcb of the Series A solderless type into the shaft of where you would insert a memory card. Talking about it makes me feel there is a way.

Also the pcb from the SF anniversary stick seems small enought to hide almost in the controller. You would mostlikely have some of it hanging out. I am sure given the size of the N64 controller, getting a good grip wont be a problem.

Hmm, I hope there’s a way. I have 5 or 6 of these N64 controllers laying around and I’d really, really like to have the guts of them replaced with some form of PS pcb if at all possible. Unfortunately I don’t know thing one about wiring and such. :shake:

It’d be an absolute godsend to have one or two of these done in time for FRXI.

You might want to talk to fallback he did a similar mod where he used a street fighter pad and hacked it for the 360 check this thread out.

I actually have a pad that I had taken apart to clean while back but didn’t get around to putting it back together. Perhaps some detailed pics of it’s innards would help put things into perspective.

PCB / Front
PCB / Back
Housing / Inside-Front
Housing / Inside-Back

A lot of space could be saved with the removal of the analog stick and the rumblepak / memory card slot. What do you guys think? :wonder:

The problem here is the Joystick, its analog, hacking that, would be the tough part, unless those wires coming of out of it, are the directions, , I can’t see normal directions coming from it, I’d imagine you could hijack, and use a UPCB as the interface. Otherwise it looks like a PSX pcb ironically.

Toodles get in here! :wink:

Also: This comes out in USB? If this uses standard protocle, you may be able to get an custom made adapter for it for ps1/ps2 play.

Three of my four N64 controllers are the Super Pad 64. I can’t stand the regular N64 controller. Well I can but I like the Super Pad better.

Oh, the analog stick and the memory card I could completely do without: I never used them. It’s the shape / layout of the controller that I’m primarily interested in.

The problem with the Interact / Performance pads (and something I’m sure Blackbond has experienced) is they don’t tend to last that long. Typically they last about 6 months or so before you start losing directions and you get weird activities with the buttons (I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten :snka:'s or :snka:+:snkb:'s when I push the :snkb: button). But up until that starts happening, they perform great.

They’re also exceedingly rare, with any that appear online quickly getting snatched up. :wow:

Big, talk to me on MSN or PM me about this, I could quite possibly do this for you.