A Twelve Avatar?

Could someone make me one?

Non-premium size please. Something incorporating this sweet gif would be cool:

Any colors, just go nuts. Just no text please.


=] ok


dat shit is hot!

OoOoOh. That’s sick dude, thanks!

EDIT: I changed the text. I hope you don’t mind me messing with your work.

that is fucking sexy gumz.

what do u mean um u can re-host it i guess

thank u


Your version sucks, change it back.

Oh, 'sup uninvolved parties. How’s minding your own business working out for you? Good? Good! :slight_smile:

Stuff it buddy.

Your version still sucks, and none of the avatar makers here in IMM are all that keen on people editing their work. At the very least you could have had the tact to request permission before editing it, or perhaps even asked him to edit the original to your liking.

werd. that was messed up.

Exactly. Ask before changing something you didn’t make.

this is a outrage.

Anyone who didn’t make it, can it. Thanks. If we doesn’t want it changed, then he can tell me that and I’ll gladly change it back.

krazy Canadians…

he** :rolleyes:

Fuck you, don’t go changing work someone took the time make you, ungrateful little shit.

Someone should really put this up as a stick in an IMM faq and what have you.

Excuse me? How exactly am I ungrateful, when I clearly thanked him, and openly stated that if he didn’t like what I did with it, I’d change it back? And how is it that all you random passerbys feel it’s your fucking business to tell me that someone else might not like what I’m doing? This doesn’t involve you. Period. Now get the fuck, out of my thread.

Man you think you got all that neg rep for nothing?

Quit acting like you have authority in the matter, you just don’t change someone’s work without asking permission first, that’s just how we do things here in IMM.

And you are ungrateful. “I like the work so much I’m going to change it, thanks!” Yeah real appreciative.

Wow…I really don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said by shatta or master chibi…just…wow…I have a feeling this thread will be locked soon though.