A UK source of Madcatz 4716 '07 Xbox360 pads

I recently bought a Madcatz 4716 pad from a UK site and paid 10.45 delivered from a marketplace seller, when it arrived I was quite pleased to find out it was an '07 pad which I’m led to believe is much easier to use in a custom stick due to not needing Hex inverters etc for the triggers.

If I can post details without breaking rules and anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll post it up.


I’d love to know where you got these im in the middle of dual modding my te

It was this one http://www.play.com/Games/Xbox360/4-/3512685/Madcatz-Xbox-360-Game-Pad/Product.html?ptsl=1&ob=Price&fb=0 . I obviously couldn’t guarantee that you get lucky like I did but all I know is that I have an '07 4716 pad in front of me in bits :slight_smile:

It appears the pad is down to 9.99 now, even better for those who haven’t picked one up yet. (seller B68SOLFR)

Hope this helps other UK folks.

As long as it isn’t you trying to bypass the selling rule it should be okay.

thanks very much for the info :smiley: hopefully mines will be the same, i’ll report back when it arrives :smiley:

Absolutely not, just trying to help other UK bods :slight_smile:

WOOT! pad arrived today and its an 07 :smiley: thanks for the info mate :smiley:

Hang on… I thought all MC wired pads involved hassle when trying to hack triggers, regardless of manufacture year. It’s just that 2007 + pads are common ground, where as it’s hit & miss for 2006 models.

Only MC pcbs that are trigger happy are the Atari style controller (needing just two 10k resistors) and the SF4 fightpad.

07 pads are the atari ones from what im seeing

sorry ignore that … your right these are later boards … well mine is anyway
edit … actually im rather confused … my pad board looks differnt from well all the diagrams … its got printed 4716-1 ver.g pcb any ideas … and ffs the glue is strong




sorry for the blur i only have my iphone to hand , anyone got any ideas how to remove the analog nubs … the glue is really strong

PCB looks fine - just hack it as you normally would. I’d advise you to keep it as a 6 button layout though using the shoulder buttons instead of triggers. Unless you want to go through the trouble of HEX’s or some other signal altering relay.

To remove the thumb pads, just use a pair of pliars or a flat screwdriver to lever off the pad. Be careful about damaging your PCB though…

Alternatively, you could hack them off with a knife/snippers, but again - be careful.

thanks for the info , hacking them off seems to be working , im going to go through the trouble for the triggers as i’d like the option of having the 8 button layout , im going to follow this guide on hacking the pad http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=197388
and hope all goes well

Good luck, man.


i’m interested in these. I ordered a batch from Ebay at 15 pounds/unit, and it was the same 07 first version common ground, took me one hour to understand these babies don’t need trigger inverters, i’m looking for more, but i can’t see the price nor the seller on the page, only the regular play.com price :frowning:
Might it be the seller won’t ship outside UK ? (I’m in France).

No, yours is the earlier board too isn’t it. The '08/'09 PCB has a slightly different layout. I was under the impression that these just needed resistors on the triggers due to being active low? I guess I need to get it powered up and find out.

i’ve no idea really im hoping its an early board as im having trouble tracking down hex inverters , yes there are links to places to get them … but im not paying 12 delivery for something that costs less than a pound

you can order some 360^2 Helper from Toodles, it’s also used for triggers inverting and it’s make the task really easier.

Right, I finished adding the '07 Madcatz 4716 Ver1G 360 PCB to my MC Cthulhu + Imp last night and no inverters needed for the triggers.

I left the trigger pots attached and set them to neutral, soldered to the middle pin and they work fine. If you’ve removed the pots then you’ll need some resistors but the good news is no inverters necessary!

Hope that helps.