A USB pad with a Common Ground?

Hi I’m looking for a USB pad that has a least 8 buttons, and the most important thing is that it all connects using a common ground. If there’s no common ground, this thing is useless to me.

If anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it… Thanks in advance.

You can use the Xbox pad. It has a commen ground. Also, to use it on your PC you can mod the end connection to USB.


Or, If you want to just buy the USB from www.lik-sang which costs $9.90.


I use my Xbox pad on my PC and it works great.

Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital III:

I’ve used a good dozen of these now for stick hacks. They’re cheap, reliable, and have 8 fire buttons and a common ground, and no unecessary analogue crap which is pointless for fighting sticks.

[edit] Oh yeah, and they work under Windows, MacOSX and Linux (2.6 kernel) without any need for special drivers.

Saitek P150

Yep. I’ve built over a half dozen USB sticks, and they all use this pad. Very simple, easy to work with pcb.

And like mentionned, it really is plug and play.

I’d like to build my first arcade stick - if I were to build my stick using the Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital III PCB could I use the stick also with Xbox, GameCube and PS2 with suitable adapters? If so which adapter(s) would you recommend? Yes, I’m a total newbie in these matters =)

The consoles are the ones with the good sticks

Usb to console adapters don’t exist. People buy adapters to use console controllers on their PC, not the other way around. :rofl:

That really was a newb question.:rofl:

Heh, I AM a newb but check this:


So, that would not let me use a USB arcade stick on Xbox? :wonder:

No it would not work. People use that stuff so they can connect a Keyboard and mouse on modded xbox’s with linux.

Trust me fuck that Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital shit and just use a Xbox controller. Not only will you be able to use it on your Xbox but you will be able to use it on your PS2, and PC with converters.

When an Xbox controller is used to make a stick it does not have the shitty pressure sensitive bullshit like a normal pad. It only registers 0 or 255. 0= no input 255= input.

You should be able to find Xbox pads for real cheap now as well.

Oh yeah if you want you can use a PSOne pad but with the Xbox pad you will have support for the headset so that is a huge plus for Xbox Live.

I would much rather not use converters and shit, but have a connector for each system. It may be more work, but at least i’m positive there won’t be any problems when playing like i have experienced with converters.

The Xbox to PC Plug is not rally a converter at all. The controller signal does not get touched in any way. After you have the USB end you just need to install the XBDC drivers, since the Xbox controller connection is in fact just normal USB with a different end. No input delay at all. :slight_smile:

I see - I think I’ll use an ordinary Xbox pad for my first arcade stick then. Can anyone tell me which pad I should use - the original big one or the newer S model? Or perhaps even a pad by some other manufacturer? Can you also tell me which would be good adapters for PS2 and GameCube to use with the stick? Thank you very much for your answers! :smile:

I used the normal S controller, so I would recommend that one.

Also, here is the converters for the PS2. I don?t know of Xbox to Gamecube converter. But, you could hook the xbox to the PS2 converter then hook that up to the PS2 to Gamecube converter. I think that will introduce some delay but I?m not 100% sure. Since, I never play fighting games on the Gamecube.

Xbox to PS2


PS2 to Gamecube


Err… no, they are fine, reliable, and cheap for PC use, which was the question asked at the beginning of the thread.

They are not suitable for XBox use, but that wasn’t the original question now, was it? What’s happened here is essentially someone’s asked for the best torque wrench, someone else has made a recommendation, and then a third party complained that the recommendation is a poor one because it doesn’t hammer nails in very well, which was never the original query.

If you want to use a pad for consoles, then buy a console pad (gasp, shock, horror). Also be aware that they tend to be more expensive and complex, but that’s fine if you are intending to use it on multiple platforms, or on the consoles for which they are intended.

I have to agree with the above poster however - I hate converters. I much prefer to build a stick per platform. It also ensures that I can try out different parts, or use the same brand parts on each stick and eliminate wear and tear that I would get if I was always using one stick.

Plus I quite enjoy building sticks, so making more isn’t a drama. Each to their own.

The “Fuck that Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital” line was in response to ZIP who wanted to try to use that pad with the Xbox and other consoles which of course you can not do. Not everyone has the time or money to build sticks for every platform.

Also, again the Xbox pad IS a USB one. You do not use a converter to convert the signal for use on the PC. All you do is change the end plug. The signal is not touched in any manner what so ever. Also, I have used many converters over the years and most of them do not have any input delay. So, it is the cheaper easier option to use a decent converter for people that do not have the time, skill, or money to build a stick for every platform.

Sorry if I came off rude or something. Anyway, I’d love to see your arcade sticks. :slight_smile:

Thank you again, SaveFighting! My apologies for steering the thread away from the original topic.

It’s ok. :sweat: …i hope.:wgrin:

Fair enough, and valid point. :slight_smile:

All good. So far I’ve only documented one cab and one OLD stick mod online. I’ve got photos lying around for my second cab (cocktail for shmups) and a few other console sticks, but haven’t had the time to get them up and neatified. I’m in the process of converting my JAMMA cab for PS2 use, so when I finish that hopefully I’ll get all the documentation up to date.