A use for swiss cheese?



I’ve been messing with wolverine/spencer/doom and I may have found something useful for swiss cheese.

If you do standard combo into OTG slide with spencers wire grapple reset assist you can start mashing H. If spaced right the first hit of swiss cheese connects with the rest blocked for massive chip damage. Once you are about to be pushed out of swiss cheese range activate berserker charge. This leave you in your opponents face so you can go for a mix up while being charged. X-factor works too of course.

Is this actually useful? You’re probably better off going for a reset without using swiss cheese > zerker charge since you can build meter at least.


???..k way to many situations need to be met in order for that to be consistent enough to be effective.

best use i can see for swiss cheese is to combo into it, then while they air recover after it you can just go for a throw reset.


In case you didn’t know… Merry X-mas!


Besides the highly situational infinite (whicm im sure will be patched out eventually) swiss cheese IMO is a great tool. Checks rushdown types, and is also a damn good AA as it beats alot of stuff coming from overhead, the fact that it’s fully comboable afterwards is the cherry ontop.


For me Swiss Cheese punishes me for mashing. I still gotta kick that habit. I’m glad though cause I’ve been mashing less and been dropping less combo’s too.


As according to capcom’s change log and desk’s video demonstration, the infinite has been removed. Good-bye !

That was the whole point, and it is much welcomed as a remedy for the crouching/standing normal sharp shooter. BUT, in certain situations, purposely mashing to get swiss cheese has it’s merits as well.


I’ve found a reason, since my cousin knows how much I hate the move (don’t have the game so I haven’t found many practical uses yet) I use it as my taunt. We have an inside joke with Swiss Cheese so it’s a funny taunt and not a malicious one.


I’ve been trying to find a use for this myself, it actually isn’t that bad.


I use it for throw resets.


I’ve used it for corner chip with an assist. I’ve also used it to hit airborne opponents jumping in. I cancel it into launcher and the some BnB combos off the swiss cheese.


Just a helpful observation: Swiss Cheese beat out Doom’s Foot Dive Every time. I was watching some matches at a local tournament and it sure enough it kept beating it out.


PR Balrog claims it beats Helm Breaker also


not sure if this was mentioned already, but when ur XF3 (maybe XF2 & 1, but not 100% sure), you can ground backthrow to swiss cheese->pause ->launch & combo.

I did this a long long long time ago by accident in match, I may have had the speed up super activated but im not sure?