A Vampire Savior newb asks random questions


been playing this game a little more intensively over the past 3 days. can’t believe i haven’t looked into it earlier. i could only find threads on a 4 hour Daigo rapeage video (bit big for a 56k), but i’m sure there was one strat thread floating around. please just direct me if i missed it.

i’m trying to learn a few characters, but am trying to get Lei Lei and Demitri down.

  • how are these two tiered? afaik VS is a pretty balanced game, and Daigo whoops ass with Demitri (but yeah… that’s Daigo).

Lei Lei

  • bread and butter combo? i’m using c.JP c.SK c.SP c.FK s.FP atm.
  • general strategy? my guess is Lei Lei is a very offense-oriented character. c.FK xx FP.object, airdash FP, ground magic series into FP.
  • i don’t use the pendulum (f,d,df+P) at all. doing it and comboing into a ground magic series upon landing looks cool and all… but atm it looks very risky (bad pendulum release timing = dead). is it worth learning or can a player do well without it? aside from that, what is the pendulum used for?
  • i don’t use the gong other than vs very obvious projectiles. i’m guessing you could use this some other way but havne’t a clue how or against who; the bread and butter magic series into stand fierce seems to do jus as well. i can see some Guile style sonic boom tactics with the ES (or was it EX?) version, but yea… no clue.
  • best use of meter? atm i’m just using her SK FP SP SP u super to get them on the defensive.
  • anyone know how to use her Dark Force special?
  • any other notes in general…


  • jab fireball works wonders. such an ordinary trajectory yet in this game, it fucks everyone up coz they jump all over the place. is the fireball any good, or is the AI just sucky?
  • ESd fireball; any good? how do i use this thing…
  • i should aim for the opponent’s legs with the bat spin. true or false?
  • a GameFAQ mentioned buffering into his SPD was possible, but i can’t do it. was this a possibity in DS3 that was tweaked for VS, or is it just bad info?
  • main super to use; JP SP f FK FK?
  • best use of meter?
  • etc…


I’ll try to help.

-Buffering into the SPD? I guess you could cancel it off a dash, like F,F, 360 clockwise + P (it’s called Soul Negate I think).
-Demitri’s Low RH has range!
-For supers, I like to use D,F,DF+PP. It’s unblockable, so it’s good for turtles. Still, if you can combo into the one you’re using, go right ahead.
-As for playing style, I like to play Mid to Long Range. Jp Fireballs, Low RK, etc. I don’t really use the bat spin though.
-And use his Dash, I believe it’s invincible at one point. It can also be used to buffer into his 360 throw or D,F,DF+PP.

Hsein Ko/Lei Lei:
-Hmm, I’m used to playing rushdown with her. Jumping Fp is good, and try to knockdown with her. I find once you get a knockdown, you could do a Fp Throw Item then F,D,Df+P.
-For super, use the Tenraiha (The big old button mashing one)

Well, I haven’t played this in a while, so still, I hope that helps.


hey thanks…
more questions naturally :smiley:

  • the bread and butters for VS are generally their ground magic series, right…? in contrast to SF where it’s normal xx special.


  • nah… the faq mentioned stuff like JP xx SPD. it sounds bogus. anyway…
  • yes, low RH has mad range. but say i was poking with c.FK, and i can’t cancel on reaction to whether it hit or not; should i cancel into c.RK or fireballs more often?
  • the JP SP f FK FK is the unblockable L2 super (bite bite bite combo). the d,f,df+PP is unblockable too? didn’t know that, will have to try…
  • his dash looks like a really useful tool, but i have no clue how to use it aside from going through fireballs and the random dash into Demon Cradle. what kind of patterns does his dash get used in…?
  • j.RK seems really good atm, as a jump in and instant overhead sorta thing when done early. j.FP looks like good air to air.

Lei Lei

  • which big old button mashing one…? is that the overhead type super w the spiked balls falling everywhere?


  • oboro bishamon > normal bishamon?
  • BnB; ground magic series into low fierce?
  • anything would be good…


  • only been playing this guy a few hours. seeing how all his moves are slow and long ranged, he looks like a runaway type character. atm my ExTrEmE hardcore strategy is to air qcb+P all day, with air qcb+SK to keep them away, coupled with airdashes and magic series into f.FP. how in hell does one play this guy…


Bread and butter Combos with Hsien Ko:

Jumping Jab, jumping Strong, jumping fierce, standing jab, standing strong, standing fierce.

If you have Super meter then:

Jumping jab, jumping strong, jumping fierce, Standing short, standing roundhouse, (strong, strong up) (the strongs shouldnt hit, but they activate the super which will combo). This knocks opponnent down and you can follow up with an EX pounce for maximum number of hits.



I forgot to mention on smaller characters you can only jump with 2 air moves so eliminate the jab and do strong fierce in the air.


I’m better ith Demitri than Hsein-Ko so I’ll leave her alone.
Let’s see, do try to 2-in-one from the D.Fk, D.Rk into a Chaos Flare(the fireball). Now you could dash-in, wait, and buffer into an unblockable attack. Also, you could dash-in as bait; if they try to attack, whack them with the Demon Cradle(the uppercut). If they block, then unblockable. I find Demitri to be more defensive though.

It’s all slowly coming back to me now.

And as for the “big old button mashing one”, Lei Lei has 3 supers. Tenraiha (Sk,Rk,Mp,Mp, U), Ghost Blades (HCF+KK), and the Time Bomb (HCF+PP). I’m talking about the first one.

Huitzil, Phobos, same thing. A good technique is to master the Tiger Knee technique: D, Db, B, UB with him. It helps with his air moves. The Tiger Knee (now shall be known TK) P is good for stopping rushdown, while the TK K is better for trapping and zoning. His Beams are good for keepaway.

Otherwise, I’m not good with Huitzil. So sorry guy, I only know the basics.


err… how do you do the pounce move with lei lei?


The pounce is the follow up move after a knockdown. Everyone has it.

Regular pounce: Up then punch or kick.

ES Pounce: Up then All Punch or All Kick.

I forgot how many max hits you could get from that combo but going off of memory it’s 23-27 hits. :slight_smile:

  • any tips on using the dark force specials?

Lei Lei

  • Reza: yup… aircombo jump in definitely hurts. hard to block that shit, and hard to GC against. tho i find myself using the airdash FP or airdash RK most of the time, since it comes out almost as fast as a SF3:3S universal overhead. usually i’ll go for
    "poke, airdash FP, c.FK xx FP.weapon throw, airdash FP, c.JP c.SK c.SP (weapon lands), c.FK, FP". her normals seem to be built especially for aircombo jump ins, but don’t work on smaller characters and aren’t as fast as her airdashed jump ins.


  • Timeflip: the dash into cradle/unblockable mixup sounds like something i could use. it’s perfect with his JP SP f FK FK since it cancels the normals animation while the command is input.
  • Timeflip: did u mean c.FK c.RK, wait, chaos flare? i can’t seem to buffer from the RK, and afaik buffering from a chain isn’t possible. i’m testing on VS, so it might be a DS3 only thing though…
  • random trick #23452: on small characters: j.FK, j.FP, SPD. the FP whiffs, so the SPD is clean :slight_smile: on larger characters, just jump magic series that shit down.


  • Timeflip: yup, getting a lot of mileage on those tiger kneed normals. TK qcb+K, qcb+P while in air, dash back, another qcb+P in air, or just dash in and RK or qcb from the other side of opponent lol.
  • i wish i knew the basics. what’s the idea behind trapping with this guy?


  • rushdown right…?
  • i’m using c.JP c.SK c.SP c.FK RK SP.missile c.FK xx shy strike as my bread and butter blocked string. bread and butter combo would be c.FK xx shy strike.
  • her missile in general… isn’t supposed to hit is it? i mean it would work vs jump ins or ESd to eat through projectiles (or go under), but i shouldn’t expect to land normal xx missile. my guess is it’d be more like a trap move ala Guile sonic boom. her bread and butter seems more like c.FK xx shy strike.
  • no idea how to use her meter. her Proton Cannon is cool but slow, and i’m not sure how to get that Weapon X in. so instead of Cool Hunting i’m using ESd (horizontal) missiles. i’m guessing the Grandma Memory is the kind u need to dance outside range and bait whiffed sweeps to use.
  • top tier ES pounce…
  • i love this girl. she’s like Guile on steroids, she’s got everything a Guile-styled projectile character could have; high/low booms, backwards sobats (b.SP) to retreat, dash knee to advance (b/f.FK), major lag on that RK holds em in blockstun, and a c.FK xx non-charge special that’s safe when blocked.


Well Demitri wise, I used the D+Rk as a poke, but I guess you could use D+Fk. You could probably do it if you’d do D+RkxxFireball. And nice trick :cool:

As for Phobos, well I guess you could use the meter for F,D,Df+KK. It’s an okay attack, but I really don’t know what else to do with the meter.

As for Bulleta, I find she’s a mid/long range character. You’ve got the right idea, ground chain into Rk into a missile is good. Missiles to keep them at bay. You could also try a low chain into the D, U+P Missile. She does have a good super, the HCB+KK. Basically once they turtle, you grab them with it. You could also do her ES command grab, HCB+PP. I’m not sure exactly on what you can follow up with on the command grab, but I’m sure there’s a point where they get dizzy. You could also use meter to Dark Force, where you can chip them with insta-missiles.

I think that’s it. Happy Hunting!


one question, what for a version do you play? PS1 or DC?

i’m playing on dc and i tried lei lei combos but i can’t connect nothin after her c.FK or her throw!! does it works on the dc?


and btw. in vampire chronicle u can choose:

  • Vampire mode
  • Hunter mode
  • Savior mode

and after u choose a character u can select follow types:

  • vampire type
  • hunter type
  • savior type
  • savior2 type

…what are the differences between the three modes and the differences between the types?


The stuff I listed works on PS1 Darkstalkers III and the Arcade. (Vampire Savior)

I think you have to pick Savior with Savior mode. Look up a Faq on Gamefaqs.com under Darkstalkers III for DC to confirm.


You have to look up under vampire chronicles:



yeah vampire savior and darkstalkers 3 are them exact same game, vampire chronicle is a completly different game, just for the people who may not know :slight_smile: