A Vergil Cross-up Conundrum

I went into an online match today to get some practice and my first opponent’s team was Vergil, Doctor Doom, and Phoenix. No biggie. I’ve beat them before. Something odd happened this time that has never happened to me this bad. Not even against Zero. Fundamentally, I understand mixups using team assists. That I get. But this guy kept using the two mixups and even though I understood what he was doing, I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I get owned. More than once.

He uses Doom’s beam assist, teleports Vergil behind me when I block it and starts owning on me-- repeatedly.

If I jumped before the beam assist could hit me, when he teleported he’d position himself in this odd spot underneath me where I couldn’t block his standing medium, strong, and launch sequence.

Before any trolls get a hold of this and assume I’m complaining, I’m here because I got my butt kicked and I’m asking for advice. How do I defend against Vergil’s these two types of cross ups?

I still don’t know how to fight Vergil, so I’m there with you.
However, block the direction away from the point charecter.
Its hard but if you do it correctly, the game will not cheat you out of a block.

I suggest you do some testing in training mode or an offline match.
I also play Vergil/Doom and I’ve had people block that mixup plenty of times.

Oh and you should also try just blocking the other way instead of jumping

I’ve been getting crossed-up by Virgil online as well by the DP+H attack where he dashes behind you and the QCF+PP Hyper that fills the screen with blades. I don’t understand how these moves work - do they always start hitting you from the side that Virgil crosses over to or the side he starts on? It seems to me like if they start hitting you from the front and you block the first hit, then active blocking should take care of any hits that come from behind in the same chain. Am I wrong in thinking this?

Likewise, in a situation where the opponent calls a beam assist and crosses up with DP+H if you block the first hit of the beam, shouldn’t active blocking save you from the cross up? Someone set me straight.

The Vergil I faced had a doctor doom assist. I can only imagine how much worse it’d be with Iron Man’s unibeam lol -_-

In the center of the screen there is a gap where vergil “misses” some of his attacks during the super, taking you out of the supers block string momentarily until it hits from the side once more, however it doesnt work on the more bigger characters because they would be hit by all of it. The only advice i can give is making sure your not in the center of the screen with mid~ small characters.

Vergil and Doom… so nasty

Hi. Is this video what you are talking about with blocking Vergil’s hyper?

It seems the hyper hits when you are at the edge of the screen (before the point where the camera starts panning).

Seems really annoying.

you can block it from the side by just standing, if you crouch you run the risk of one of his hits missing and randomly crossing up but yeah its a really random super if you block once from the side you can protect yourself from the rest of the hits

the teleport game with Vergil is just simply annoying at best…I played against my buddy that plays with a Vergil/Magnus/Wesker. Well Vergil isn’t the issue if you rush him down properly but you try to zone him out you will lose this unless you play vergil. You can’t out teleport him with beam assist esp. if its magneto because EM disruptor comes out quite fast . If you can predict the teleport try to grab him but be aware anyone can tech grab these days and if you fail to grab then its free punish. Don’t airdash back down because you will get punished. Keep your cool and just get ready for the cross-up and punish. The best character I found to give Vergil a run for his money even with the strangest of mixups and cross-ups is Akuma. This doesn’t mean Akuma is the only character but there are some tactics that can vergil a run for his money