A very basic concept for Ammy - Weapon Changes

Hey everyone,
So going through mission mode as Ammy has made me feel completely inept as I can’t seem to nail down her weapon changes fast enough to actually change them and continue the combo. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or tips for me and people who may have similar issues?

Just an example to clarify;
s.:m:, s:h:, c.:m:, weapon change glaive, s.:h:
I’ll just completely lose it after the weapon change.

I don’t know much about the game?I just picked it up 2-3 games ago, and I wasn’t too keen on MvC2 in the first place?so take what I say with a grain of salt. (;

Say you’re doing this:

s.:m:, s.:h:, c.:m:, <glaive>, s.:h: ?

You would think you’d have the following button presses:

:m:, :h:, :d:+:m:, :d:, :d:, :m:, :h:

However, you don’t need to press :d: that many times. I think you can take a shortcut this way:

:m:, :h:, :d:+:m:, :d:+:m:, :h:

If you do :d:+:m:, :d:+:m: fast enough, a weapon change should happen. (It certainly works when I screw around in Training Mode. What is this called? Input buffering?) I don’t have the execution to finish Ammy’s mission mode this way, but hopefully I will in the next few weeks.

Also, I’m not sure if mission mode will recognize input shortcuts like these. (I ran into problems using input shortcuts for SF4 Vanilla.) YMMV, but let us know what works.

Wow very good call on that keyofnight. It’s still difficult and will take some practice/muscle memory but it’s much simpler than it was before. Thanks for the assistance it was great help. For the record it IS also accepted in mission mode as an input.

I thought the combo was:

M, H, cr.H, weapon change. But you listed M, H, cr.M. Am I missing something here? I’m interested to find a shortcut to this because right now, all I can really do is preasure with her base weapon and I seldom change.

Also, how do you guys get the button fonts to show up in your post?

Yes, you’re right the combo IS s.:m:,s.:h:,cr.:h:, weapon change. You’re not missing anything I was just typing an example. The shortcut mentioned DOES work, so if you go cr.:h: and link it with :d::m: it will change weapons to the glaive, as long as you’re quick enough, instead of going the long way; cr.:h:, :d: + :d::m:.

Also making the button fonts is easy just use colins around m, l, h, etc. Example : m : without the spaces yields :m:

thanks, I need to try this out tonight.

You can cancel any grounded :m: or :h: into another stance with the exception of rosary :h:

Dont make it complicated lol.

Not trying to complicate things, just trying to be explicit. :slight_smile:

You’ve definitely been a big help keyofnight. I finally got timing down a lot better last night and did missions 6 and 7 with some much better ease. I’ll tackle the rest this weekend, but thanks in advance.

for me its easiest to use the down input for c.:h: as part of the :d: :d: :m: weapon change

so my input looks like :m:, :h:, :d::h:, :d::m:

i input the :d::h: :d::m: in very quick succession and i hit it 98+% of the time
I also try to delay the :d::h: from the first :h: or the weapon change cancel wont come out

Exactly what I was explaining. It’s great that it works! I’m going to try 6-7 over the weekend?no time to try now. (;

I tried it this morning and it works (finally passed mission 6-7). I’m just going to sit down and do it over and over again till it’s automatic.

Theres nothing complicated about :m: xx change xx :h: you need to tighten up your execution and input the command faster.

no problem with the weapon change…i can input the:d::d::m: whenever i want to.
and from my own opinion… ammy users need to know how to input that weapon change
at any point in game… cause i think if you’ll buffer that weapon change… a lot of unintentional combos would pop up.

Agreed on all. I buffer the cr.h cr.m and it took me a bit to get it (it’s a fairly fast input) but keep at it. I also forced myself to change up weapons during matches. Staying with the disc is fine in the beginning but getting the weapon change down on the fly, along with practicing the buffer will help you learn the inputs faster. Soon it’ll be second nature. I can pull off that combo with ease now.

Now if I can just do that first air combo into weapon change as frequently. (st.m, st.h, cr.h, air.m, air.h x 3, st.h. etc.)

There is no need for doing shortcuts at all. If you can’t cancel into weapon change than you just need to practice your execution. It should be as easy to do as a fireball (QCF + P). The reason some of you are having trouble with the weapon change is because you aren’t used to the motion, most likely because you have a background in SF (IV). Stop finding ways around your lack of execution. In the end it just hurts your game.

Buffering the weapon change from the Crouching H isn’t a shortcut. That’s been in fighting games forever. Just like Ryu’s CR medium kick into fireball buffers the first down input into the fireaball.

I’m going to mess around with this later.

w/o buffering? Hmm how the hell…

im having trouble with this as well. its such a weird input