A very odd problem with the SE stick

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hi guys, i have been lurking on your boards for a while once i started getting into older fighting games (such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2) a couple months ago, and reading these boards resulted in me getting a Madcatz SE fightstick so i can play street fighter 4 and hd remix without haveing to deal with the clunky 360 pads, i get enough of them with the dreamcast.
Playing with the SE stick is very great, i love the feel and size of it and even with its stock parts it was pretty good (using sanwa parts now). However when i got the stick and first started playing it a few days ago, i noticed it would turn off in the middle of battles every once and a while and turn back on. At first it was only a slight annoyance, and i thought the problem was with my 360’s usb ports. So i decided to open up the stick and mod the parts, and there was nothing wrong with the insides that i could see, so i went to swaping. However this slight annoyance has become more frequent now that im playing alot more, and i have found out what is causing it (kind of), it seems that every couple of times i move my joystick to the upward-right direction, my fight stick just turns off. I have been researching for a while and i have no idea why this could be doing this, i was wondering if any of you guys have been having similar problems or if any of you know how to fix it, any help would be much obliged?

and you just modded it, too?

that’s not a good look

did you swap out the joystick with a Sanwa along with the buttons? or did you just swap out the buttons and are using the stock stick?

im using both sanwa buttons and stick, but the problem was still happening when i was useing the stock parts

does anyone have any idea what could be causeing this?

You can get some information about support from MadCatz on the first page of this thread.

He modded it, he won’t get any support…

Maybe try changing the cable. It could be cut somewhere in the middle. If it disconnects when you wiggle the cable then you should definitely try replacing it.

That’s weird… might be a software glitch? Maybe the voltage controller? Have you tried plugging it into your PC? Play around with it in the joystick properties dialog, see if you can repeat it under the exact same conditions, or even if it will keep doing it.

hmmmmmmmm, after playing more the problem escalated to the stick turning off frequently when i move the stick to the upwards right and upwards left positions, could the circuit board be crapping out, even if it is i still dont understand why the whole thing would turn off.

Well on the bright side, at least its helping me work on keeping out of the air as much

yea if i use it on my pc it still is turning off so im pretty sure it is a hardware problem, but what do you mean by the voltage controller?

plz do not this thread die yet, theres gotta be some way i can fix this without haveing to buy a brand new one.

It’s probably the security on the 360 chip going. That’s how we know the chip is going on the controllers when we use them on arcade sticks.

so i take it that there is no way to fix this?