A very odd (SFA2 related) request

I’ve been trying to find SFA 2 meters, icons, and fonts for a while. I haven’t been successful. I’ve tried doing ‘print screens’ of what I needed, but it looks so sloppy when I try to cut and paste what I need from them.

Can you help me out, SRK? I’m not asking for characters. What I’m interested in are all of the win-icons (especially the custom combo icons), super meters (and their #s, for P1 & P2), and fonts (fonts are optional/low priority). Where can I find these things?

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. I really appreciate it.

if you use a CPS2 emulator you can turn off layers of sprites. so turning off 1 would turn off the background, another will turn off the lifebars, another the 1st player etc…

so you can do your captures from that. and it’ll look a lot cleaner.

The only emulator I have is MAME. How would I go about doing this? And would there be some menu that would display all of the little victory icons?

you should try Nebula…