A very strange character situation

I’ve been playing street fighter 4 AE for about 3 or 4 months now, and I’ve been wanting to stick to a single character for a while. The only problem is that my Dan is ten times better than all of my other characters (gouken, rose, cody, etc.). I really like Dan, and I’m pretty good with him, but I don’t want to plateau at a certain point because my character is THAT bad. Coming from a veteran, what should I do?Will picking Dan over other characters really make that much of a difference?
Sincerely, Not Falco

Personally id say go with the character you enjoy using the most. If this means playing one of the latter characters who you are not as good with, it doesnt matter, just go with it. If you stick with one character for long enough with enough devotion you will get good with them at some point. All this game really boils down to in the end is gained almost exclusively by experience, so with this in mind just know that whoever you stick with the most devoutly will probably be your best character. This does not mean you should feel pressured to pick any one character in specific and only play them, just mess around with a bunch of characters and eventually you’ll find that one character you will want to stick with. Don’t worry about using a character that is bad either, you can get good and win a decent ammount with any character if you set your mind to it, and if winning is a big factor as far as your enjoyment of the game goes then just find a good character you enjoy playing. I had the same problem when i started playing this game, i loved to play rufus and i thought his aesthetic was awesome, but whenever i would play him i would get bodied. At the same time i could kill most of the people i would otherwise lose to as rufus if i used bison. It took a while but eventually after practicing with him and playing different matchups my rufus surpassed my bison, and i had a character that i loved playing who i was originally not as good at. Just dont pressure yourself to much with who to use indefinetly, you’ll eventually find someone to use indefinetly (even if it is dan, there are some seriously kickass dans out there).
Sincerely, Wombo Comboer