a voice patch ??


I dunno know hor you but I really don’t like the voice of the guy (Stuart McLean) that dubbed Dudley in SSFIV. Why they didn’t use Francis Diakowsky’s voice again ? Will we have a voice patch (lol) to listen again to a more macho “You have no dignity !!” ??:smile:

I do miss the 3rd Strike voice. I’d welcome the patch.

I would welcome a voice patch with open arms…
However I doubt Capcom would go so far to as to start doing voice patches.
They would be bombarded by different people asking for different voice actors for all their favorite characters.

I think I remember reading that the 3S guy was out of the VA business or something.

Ok, thank you for your advices. Fortunately, he has a good voice in japanese but he really sucks in english !! Dudley is a black character and I am sure there are a lot of guys who’d love to dub Dudley’s quotes like the guy who does Kratos’ voice ?

yea, the english voice was a real let down. Thank God for the japanese option :slight_smile:

The Japanese voice is comical.

I thought the english voice was alright… in the fight, not the anime cut scenes and shit though

hah better hope for a PC version then

i agree with the patch idea, also redo the animation for when he does ultra 2 and make his chin lag behind like in 3s. also, have him say “one, two three!” when he does that tc.

And make his idle stance move a little more fluidly.

His IMDB profile backs that up, he haven’t had any voice work since 00. It’s a shame and he voiced ironman/tony in an episode of avengers too.


Call and ask lol

He still works he does commercials and small bids IMDB isnt accurate with jobs… His Agent said Capcom made no effort in contacting him to reprise his role and he and his agent would of been happy for him to reprise his role.

So in other words Capcom half assed when listening to fans…we were pretty vocal for wanting francis back weren’t we?

It doesn’t feel like 100% dudley…no Lets fight like Gentlemen, his Guttertrash is low and inaudible sounding. And You have no dignity doesnt sound condescending enough. Clearly the voice director didn’t care for him to sound like his third strike version and wanted him to sound like someone else.

His VA when fighting sounds not bad but when he’s casual and story mode sounds and taunts sorry horrible.

The only sound bit I like from the new voice is “Can’t touch me”

Japanese Dudley has horrendous Engrish.

Speaking as an Englishman (and therefore a true English gentleman) Dudley’s English voice is perfectly fine, his accent is a lot more accurate than Cammy’s and I bet you lot love her English voice.

Time to move on guys, new VAs bring new and different life to characters, it’s only natural.

Also, “Keep it classy” is a classic line :tup:

I have never in my life met anyone here who speaks like Dudley Van Dyke’s current voice. Don’t ever tell me that sounds like an accurate representation!

I like Dudley’s English voice–especially his defeat cry. Simply amazing.

I’ve grown accustomed to Dudley’s English voice. The Japanese voice makes him sound too old (like when he says Machine Gun Blow). The 3S voice is definitely the best, but the SF4 voice is not as bad as eveyone’s making it out to be. Definitely doesn’t warrant a thread to patch it.

Before reading this I would have said this thread is pointless but if he was open to reprising his role as Dudley then I feel Capcom f-ed up massively, didn’t listen to the fans and owes it to us to give us our Dudley back. As much as we may not want to admit it, the reason Dudley has the fanbase he does isn’t because he’s a great SF character but because of his personality. A huge part of that was Francis’ VO.

I know this will never happen but it really bums me out that Capcom didn’t even try despite the fanbase being VERY vocal about wanting Francis back.