A Warning for Ranked Matches - Pseudo Lag Switch Bug

So I wasn’t too bothered about this when I first watched the video, but I’ve had one or two games where I can actively see the other player exploiting this issue and it’s driving me insane. The general idea of this is to simply tab out and back into your game midway through a match, this for some reason causes mass desync for the player who DIDN’T tab out of their game although it is reversible if they do the same thing back. It’s pretty easy to tell when people are exploiting this, I had a match where a Bison back-dashed fullscreen and stood still for 5 seconds before the desync started to come out of nowhere. This IMO is something that ruins the online experience, having exploits like this only serves to make the online scene more of a joke.

There’s a video that demonstrates what I mean below, a reminder that the player tabbing in will not have any desync issues and only the player who hasn’t tabbed out receives them.


I can vouch for this and say it’s definitely something legitimate, I’d tested it in Battle Lounges with friends also.

Someone did,this to me aND I still handed him his ass

This happens without alt-tabbing so people aren’t necessarily exploiting this when you’re seeing desyncs. It does give one player an advantage. Alt-tabbing merely flips it in your favour.

It needs a fix or at least a “We know this is an issue and we’re working towards getting a fix” statement from Capcom, it can break matches completely.

I actually just realised making a thread makes more people aware and potentially want to abuse it too…in hindsight, probably a dumb move.

I have had a few games this evening with that type of nonsense - really awful teleporting for matches with people who are max 300 miles away - but I’m hoping it will be sorted out in the coming weeks. The good games are so much fun, but the bad ones… especially when it’s a bison who just vanishes then reappears on top of you, fondling your balls…

There’s an obvious difference between genuine lag and player manipulated desyncing, considering only one side gets it and it’s clear to see when the opposing player is doing it(They’ll have to stand still to get the desync started so it’s obvious when it’s being done) just because it may happen outside of this doesn’t make it any less urgent to fix.

The more people that know about it the better (so it can get fixed). I was just clarifying that you shouldn’t think everyone that desyncs on your end is exploiting.

Does this only affect PC vs PC matches, or would someone on a PS4 be affected by this if playing against a PC opponent? I’ll be setting my preferences to PS4 only until this gets sorted out.

This affects PS4 vs. PS4, too. The only difference is that a PC players can flip it back on you if it was in your favor or neutral. More info here:

See here, too. The 2nd video is the PS4 footage and the 3rd is the PC footage. In this match the PC player got the short end of the stick and he’s a little de-synced.


I see. However, it looks like there is no way to turn it on with a PS4 and when it happens, it’s a netcode issue not an active exploit. PC players are able to flip a switch. I’ll still be filtering PC players out in my preferences as they can do it at will. PS4 can’t, from what I’m reading.

Only if there is lag to begin with. The best thing to do is to set your matchmaking to 5 stars only so you rarely get matches with lag.

I had a guy like that. Everything went fine until he had around 30% life left and suddenly he’s teleporting all over the place landing combos while I could barely see him. Then at the beginning of round 2 everything was fine again until he got low again at which point he started teleporting again.

That is disappointing to learn about, but explains what happened in one my matches last night.

That’s not what the OP said. His post says that people can turn the lag on at will by alt tabbing. He clearly says that the matches are going fine and then his opponent stops moving for 5 seconds, assuming this is when they alt tab, and then when they start moving again there is desync. That being said, I will continue to filter out PC players until this is addressed.

But that’s not how it works, when you play SFV and there’s lag (Not in every match), someone will feel the lag way heavier than the other guy (the other guys seems like he’s teleporting). If you ALT Tab when it’s this way, the player who feels the lag will switch.

This is not a lag switch button, it doesn’t turn on lag magically.

This has been working for me. If the other player is teleporting I just tab out/in and voila it’s gone. Needs attention from Capcom

Is this still an issue? I have been experiencing those kind of matches where the first round is everything amazing and smooth and then, after winning the first round, the nightmare starts. This CANNOT continue. If this is still an issue and capcom didnt do anything, we are lost. Lets pick another fighting game to play, lets create another game… street fighter is lost for this, and for the thousands maybe more issues that capcom failed to fix since SF5 was released due to lack of will or just because they are incompetent as hell.

Yeah is this still a thing? it would explain A LOT

It’s shame people would rather do this then try to get better at the game…

The best option is to blacklist these players.

This is the problem that exactly happened to me, thanks
So you were pressing TAB+ALT will take you to the screen and then the same and the lag will be gone right?