A Warrior's Saga: Repost

Guess what I found in the garage!

Unfortunately I only have the first two chapters with me. I have to rewrite chapter 3(so it will probably come out differently than it did when I first wrote it.) Anyway, I don’t have any immediate plans to finish it, but if people want me to continue the story then let me know.


Kyoto, Japan.


Of all the wonders and gifts that mother nature has brought to the world, this was the thing that Misato loved the most. It wasnt just because of the sheer beauty of the red-purplish hue painted across the sky, or the calming effect that brought to herself and the people that lived in the city below, it was the pure mystery of it all. She believed that the very existence of it was mother natures own personal joke, in the fact that light and dark contradicts each other so naturally, but can be combined to make something so grand.

This is the portrait of humans, Misato, she remembered her husband say. They can easily take the path of light or darkness, but being in between the two is when a human, like nature, is the most pure. Even now, 6 months after her husbands death, those words still ring in her ears as she smiles at the painting above her.

A chilly winter breeze surrounds the area and causes her to cough, and noticing the blood coming out of her mouth, she is instantly reminded of her condition. She heads off again towards her destination after she takes one last look at the sky: the last twilight painting she would ever see.

A couple of minutes after darkness enveloped the sky, she finally sees her target in the distance. As she attempts to smile, her continuous yet subtle chest pains start to rupture so much that she almost dropped the newborn baby from her arms. She looked at the gentle face as it slept, and with a newborn resolve she once again continued her painful trek up the hill and to the giant house.

Although breathing heavily and feeling the life ebbing out of her body, Misato finally made to the doorstep and starting slamming her fist against the door with all the energy she had. After a couple of minutes a young woman answered the door and gasped at the sight.

Oh my god, Misato! Somebody help! the girl screamed as she tended to her friend, but Misato knew it was worthless when pure white started to overtake her, and with shaking hands gave her son to the woman.

Aoi, please…take careof .my son

That was all she managed to say as the last bit of life slipped from Misato. As the first snowflakes started to fall and the people in the house started rushing towards the scene, the child opened his eyes for the first time. He stared in wonder of the falling orbs of white surrounding him, trying to understand the phenomena that he was bearing witness to while still oblivious to the sadness that surrounded him from all sides. Crying, Aoi turned up the child so that he was getting a better view of the snow, and whispered in his ear.

Welcome home Ryu. Welcome home.

A Warriors Saga
Chapter 1

6:30 A.M.

She was awake.

Since nobody woke her up until 7 (since she never woke herself up before), this was quite unexpected.

Oh great. Not only was it hard for me to go to sleep in the first place because of that, but now I have to wake up early because of it too. I must really got it bad. She thought.

The It that she was referring to was a boy that she meant two weeks ago when she first started her extra curricular activity. It wasnt his attractiveness that intrigued her (even though she thought he was pretty cute), it was the fact that he was always alone, usually staring out the window or something solitary. He wasnt stuck up or anything like that either: On the contrary he was really polite to everyone, even that stuck up girl who always picked on him for seemly no reason (just thinking about that girl irritated her). It just seemed that he belonged elsewhere, somewhere that made him feel alive inside, and the fact that he would be stuck at that place for several more years upset her.

She wanted to help him. She wanted to do anything in her power to free him from that prison.

Of course, she had to get the courage to talk to him first.

6:45 A.M.

But how am I going to do that? She thought as she went to her closet to get dressed. I know! I could make him some food for lunch! That always works doesnt it? But.I dont know what he likes, and getting him sick wouldnt help any. Maybe I can beat up that stupid girl, and then he would be so grateful that he would just fall in my armsYeah right. The multitude of options she thought she had quickly started to cancel themselves out to the point of frustration.

6:55 A.M.

She did a couple of stretching exercises as she went over the things she was expected to do today, waiting patiently for the door to open.

.what if I just kidnapped him? she thought while laughing at the idea.

7:00 A.M.

As she expected, a well toned man wearing a karate gi opened the door.

Yui! WakeOh, youre already up. He said, obviously amazed that his pupil was awake and ready. Time to get started.

Yes sensei! the 8 year old responded as she tightened her headband and stepped out of her room, eager to start her training.

11:55 A.M.

so if you wanted to add 5 and 16 together, you first have to add the 5 and 6 because they line up, and then take the big one and move it to the next line. You then add the two 1s together, and the answer is 21. Everyone understand?

Hai, Aoi-san. The class said as they nodded their heads in acknowledgment, even though she could tell that there were still a couple of doubters in the room. She will have to make sure they are convinced later.

Good. Make sure you review this later tonight during free time Aoi was saying when Yui stepped into the room with her ever present headband and a nervous smile on her face. and since Yui is here its time for lunch. Have fun!

As Yui gathered up the kids to take them to the dining hall, the caretaker was delighted at all the smiling faces passing by. Ever since she started helping out at the orphanage, the kids looked to her as a superhero because she was kind to everyone and practiced karate, not to mention they leave for lunch whenever she arrives. Aoi also noticed that she somehow managed to win the respect of the normally oblivious Ryu, something that was amazing in itself since he was never the type for social interaction. The person in question did a small bow towards his teacher, as he left the room to follow the group.

Yui, please take care of him. Kami knows he needs someone to do it She thought, and continued to wonder about the challenges Ryus life would take as he followed the flowing white headband ahead of him.

12:43 P.M.

Akito hits like a girl!!!

Oh yeah? The little boy said as focused himself on his target, and when it was in the proper range he let his attack lash out. Unfortunately it only connected with air, and the force of the blow caused Akito to do a little spin and stumble to the ground.

Strike Two! The 5 year old umpire screamed as the outfield players started laughing in earnest, especially his best friend who was on the verge of choking. He could even feel some of his teammates grinning at him, even though they were down 11-4 and needed points badly.

Kids can be so cruel Aoi said as she watched the kids daily baseball game from the doorway. Show them what you can do, Akito!

You got it! He responded as he squared up for the pitch and ended up hitting a fast ground ball towards the side of the orphanage. It was his time to laugh as he watched three kids unsuccessfully scramble to retrieve the ball while running the bases, being able to reach third before the ball bounced off the building and was captured.

You still hit like a girl. The third baseman said with a small grin.

So what? Besides, you should know Maki. You ARE a girl! Taking offense to the comment, Maki proceeded to grab the boy and started drilling her knuckles into his head, only stopping when she noticed who stepped up to the batting cushion.

Here comes little miss perfect. Maki grumbled as Yui took a couple of practice swings. I cant stand that girl!! She thinks shes so bad cuz she knows karate! Give me 5 seconds alone with her and Ill have her eating dirt. A small smile crept onto her face as she stared at the batter.

Yeah, sssuuurrreee you would. Youre just mad because she doesnt like you flirting with your boyfriend overAAACCCKKK!!! As the enraged child attempted to choke the life out of the boy, Yui noticed the act of violence as she got ready for the pitch.

Those two are at it again. I swear that girl is deranged. Yui wondered as she thought about the girl. Maki was always picking on people about every little thing: if theyre skinny, if theyre fat, if she thought they eat too fast or slow or loud, their intelligence (or maybe lack thereof), their shoe size, or even if they pee in their pants (which Maki did as well sometimes but no one dared to say anything), she will always tease them to the point of tears. Yui also noticed that she concentrated her energy on Ryu more than anyone though, probably because she never broke him and made him cry, and that made her smile as she focused on the incoming pitch.


The echo of the bats collision rang out as the ball sailed through the springtime air with all the strength Yui had to offer. Her aim was a bit off though, and instead of the ball heading into the forest (Home run territory), it connected with Ryu who was sitting down near one of the trees. The kids dropped their positions and ran up to him, while Aoi went inside to get the nurse. Yui was the first to reach him.

IM REALLY REALLY SORRY RYU ARE YOU OKAY CAN YOU STAND UP??? she was on the verge of panicking as Ryu stood up, holding his forehead all the while.

I am fine, Yui. He said as he looked into her eyes. The girls emotions turned from terrified to nervousness as she gazed upon his calm and innocent face, and she felt herself blushing after remembering her thoughts earlier this morning.

Oh, look everybody, the two lovebirds are gonna kiss! Im gonna throw up! Maki teased as she started gagging at the sight of the two kids, until Yui turned to her left and stared her down. What, youre gonna kiss me too? Uhggh! As the bully was getting excited at the thought of beating her nemesis down, they were interrupted by the sounds of footsteps.

Everyone move out of the way! Aoi shouted as she cleared the area and headed toward the injured boy, accompanied by a little girl with an apron on. The girl stood in front of Ryu drew in breath for her usual rant about safety.

Ryu, havent I told you time and time again to be careful? Recess is for fun and games, but you could get hurt out here! Im not going to be around every time you get hurt so you better take care of yourself!

I am sorry Kyoko. That was Ryus usual reply to her, and after which the 11 year old nurse in training check his head injury. After she decided that he would be okay, she did her usual smile at him.

What am I going to do with you?

Yui noticed Ryus smile at the comment as the kids headed towards the orphanage.

Maybe talking to him wont be so impossible after all

1:34 P.M.

but his pleads fell on deaf ears as the soldiers shot Takimi and his men. Howcouldyou!! Kenshin screamed as he leaped into the air, letting his taste for vengeance transform him from the peace loving Kenshin Himura into the deadly Hitokiri Battousai. He turned his weapon to the sharp end of his blade for the kill, but just before he reached the traitor who caused the shooting, the peaceful part of him beat back the Battousai and Kenshin re-emerged just in time to knock the traitor out instead of killing him. Aoi stopped telling the story when she noticed that all of the kids except for Ryu were sound asleep on top of their blankets. Since the boy never slept during the day, it didnt surprise her a bit.

Is that all for today, Ms. Aoi?

Yes, Ryu. You try to get some rest, okay?

Hai. Ryu said as he turned around to look out the window while Aoi quickly stepped out of the room. As he stared at the forest, someone behind him was having a difficult internal conflict.

Just talk to him already! Hes a nice person so just do it! As Yui lied down on the blanket feigning sleep, she was trying to convince herself that she could talk to Ryu in a civilized manner. The butterflies in her stomach was telling her otherwise. Youll regret it in the morning if you dont. she thought, and after several more moments of gathering her courage, she picked herself up and walked up besides Ryu.

UmHi Ryu.

Hello, Yui.

Is your head okay?

Yes, its fine.

Im glad Yui mumbled as she fought her nervousness, trying desperately to come up with something to say.

Cant you two smooch somewhere else? Youll wake up the kids. Maki chuckled as she was listening to the conversation. Yui turned to her direction and suddenly became very tempted to rip off her head, but somehow managed to control herself enough to notice that Ryu wasnt paying any attention to the bully. This made her wonder about him even more, and she forgot all her worries and went for it.

Ryuwhat are you looking at?

Everything I can.

…What do you mean by that?

Have you ever wondered what were beyond those trees, Yui?

Well, there is a city there, but

But what is beyond the city? What is the true nature of the world that we live in?

As Yui listened, she realized she never gave it much thought. All of her life experience was spent inside of a solitary dojo, and the only time it seemed alive was when she was kicking or punching something inside of it. She felt that she was beginning to understand him as he continued.

There is so much out there I havent seen. I want to be able to see and experience the true nature of the world for myself one day.

Ryu Yui thought as she looked out of the window with the boy. After a couple of minutes, she came up with an idea.

11:15 P.M.

She finally made it here.

It wasnt easy though. After almost changing her mind and turning back a total of 9 times, she actually managed to come this far. She knew what she came to do, as well as the severe consequences of doing it, but thinking about the alternative was too painful. Her heart wouldnt be able to take the daily torture if she betrayed it.

Well, here it goes

Yui put her filled duffel bag down to pick up several stones that were on the ground, and with careful aim and force threw them so that they bounced off the target. After the third stone landed to the ground, a figured appeared behind the target.

Yui, what are you doing? Ryu whispered after he opened the third story window near his bed.

Ryu, put on some clothes and come down here.


Yui took a deep breath before giving her response, and even though there were still doubts lingering about in her head, she gave herself one last push of courage.

Ive come to set you free.

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