A way to boost interest in VF

I’m a full fledged VF nut for more than 10 years. First got hooked playing with Pai in VF3, then gradually moved on to Akira in VF4. It saddens me that a lot of other people want to play those easier, more flashy, cheap games like Tekken and Soul Calibur. I’ve always felt that VF had the best balance of any fighter that has ever existed, but the “casual” gamer can’t get behind it cuz it’s too difficult is such a lame excuse for laziness and wanting everything to be easy.

So i’ve been obsessing over a way to make VF more widely accepted by the masses. As I feel deep in my soul that nearly everyone would love this game if they just bothered to really give it a chance. So here’s my solution:

A widely publicized Virtua Fighter Tournament boasting a 5 figure prize. (e.g. $20,000) NOt controllers, not brand new gadgets. I’m talking CASH MONEY.

I seriously think that with enough publicity this could boost interest in VF over %200.

Theres a good chance that this could easily become a reality. (Company I work for might attempt to pursue this very thing. But I want to ensure that this will be a good endeavor.)

Do you honestly think it would work?


When VF5 hits…maybe. Sega-AM2 should release the arcade version over here and combined with something like this, it would hook a lot of people (like Tekken 5’s arcade release and National arcade tournament). But knowing AM2’s dealings with the US, I doubt that would happen. :sad:

No entry fee + cash prize = good promotion.

It may work, but insulting other people’s favorite games just because they don’t play yours is a definite way to not get people to play.

It really is a difficult game to get into bud. It’s as balanced as it is because it practically covers every angle, literally, and that’s something much of the fighting game populace isn’t accustomed to. The move lists alone are enough to have plenty of folks’ heads spinning.

I feel the same way as you do, but really I could never get into the game because of how NOONE plays the game here, thus leading me to a wall anytime I bothered to try and get somewhere with it.

Good luck.

If you want people to play VF, you need to stop thinking and publicizing this garbage. The US VF community has a VERY bad public image because people like you don’t respect other players’ reasons for prefering Tekken and SC over VF. I personally love the game, but stopped playing in part 'cause most of the US vets I tried to meet treated me like shit just for playing Namco fighters.

Not everyone is going to like VF, even if they give it a chance. Nor are most people able and/or willing to spend enough time to learn the game. If you can’t accept this, your dream will be nothing more than an effort in futility.

true, a lot of people just like namco shit more. cant knock em, its what they like. but i think its very true that the game is overly complex to a lot of people, who in turn will pass it up, or get too frustrated with its complexity or just trying to do certain moves. its so overwhelming for most. and that is fact, i cant count how many times i hear people not like the game or dont play cuz its just too much shit and they dont have time for it. that is the #1 reason i always hear, especially on srk…

i believe vf5 will be pretty huge IMO. with every vf, the game has picked up a little. with vf4, we saw some stuff in the us which is super rare to see, hell even evo picked the game up in the lineup and had quite a few US players. it gets bigger each game. i think vf5 will be bigger for the fact that its on xbox 360 with live support, it may be lagggy most likely, but people will get access to comp whenever and might get them into it. i think that will make the game much more accepted, we will see

Might as well learn a real martial art instead of learning VF.

damn seriously? do you know if ps3 will have online for vf5 also? if its on ps3 online its going to be big.

I voted “no” but it’s not that I don’t like VF. I’ve always liked the games to just mess around on and stuff, but I’ve never seen it in any arcades I go to, and huge cash prize tourneys don’t interest me because I’ll never be good enough to beat everyone at any game like that.

If you want to get people interested in the game, mabe you should tell them why V4 is better than the games they are playing. I’m certain you’ll get more results that bribing them with money.

It’s not intended as a bribe or anything. The object is that something that offers a 5 figure prize might entice an otherwise casual player to go all out in an attempt to win big money. In the process they’d find that they might actually like the game after playing it for some time.

And the attitude that you’ll never be good enough to defeat the ones who participate is quite defeatist. You never know how good you’ll be unless you try. Hell the same could be said about everyone who discovered they liked a game after seeing someone good playing it right? You wouldn’t say “Man I’ll never be good enough to win.” It’s more like “I’m going to try train myself to be good enough to beat that person.”

Thanks for the responses so far. I hope to hear more soon.

It wasn’t intended in a negative way, I just think if you give them an actual reason to play the game people would still be entering for a 4 figure prize. It’s not like people wont have tried the game.

It’s just, a bit like saying to some one “hey, you should spend 4-6 years learning marvel and enter a competition to win loads of money”.

But I mean, if you say lik “Hey, you should play marvel, with the amount of possible combinations of characters, moves and assists combined with one of the biggest strategic elements and competition ever seen in a video game, makes it worth playing”. Is going to make people want to play the game more.

I don’t know, it’s just my opinion. I hope the scene does grow, I’ve always been interested in the game. Reason being I’ve hammered VF2, FV and FMM on the saturn, although I can’t play them anymore. I used to play AM2 before capcom took over my atention. Guess I’ve just been to focused on SF over the past 5 years or so.

Well if this is the method to get people into liking a game or giving a game boost, I think that’s not a good way to get a community started, over money. I basically play fighting games cause I think that its fun, if its not fun to me, I won’t play it, its that simple.

Hell, then this method could be used for any other game.

Well it’s not that I wouldn’t play it simply because I wasn’t good enough to win, that’s stupid, I should’ve made myself more clear. A cash prize wouldn’t boost my interest much because there’s not much chance that a VF noob like me could actually win the top prize. The thing is, 3d fighters are okay as casual games to me, but they’re not very fun for me, and I can’t stand higher level play with them, and even casual play gets boring much faster than with other games.

There’s just something about 3d fighting engines that I hate. If I really liked SC and Tekken and such, I’d give VF a fair try…

You mean like The World Cyber Games and such? This method already HAS been used for other games. They may not be widely publicized, but trust me, this is the way ALL companies try and get people to play their games. I mean, why do you think they bring new games or just released games to conventions and such? They do it for promotion and to attract a gamer that otherwise might not bother with the game.

All I’m saying is that a publicized $20,000 dollar tournament for Virtua Fighter might provoke someone who had a passing interest in the game to come back and seriously play it. What’s the top 2 reasons people usually stop playing this game? 1. People give up because they feel it’s too difficult to play. (Probably from noobs gravitating to Akira FAR too soon.) 2. No one to play with. (A direct result of reason #1)

Perhaps if there was a bracket for newbies and advanced users alike. Would that be better?

If sexual favors were offered as a prize, they wouldn’t get as much response as good ole’ cash will. Telling people why VF rulez just makes you look like a zealot.

For $20k, Id be willing to bet Iitabashi Zangief makes the trip over to bust everyone up. You are just going to run into the problem of which version. FT has only been played by the most hard core of US VF players. VF4:Evo is common and accessible to everyone, but a step back for the pros.

Please don’t compare VF4 to other 3D fighting engines. Better yet, take everything thats annoying about those games, and you’ll find that they don’t exist in VF. Step issues, guard impact issues, air control issues, tracking issues, erratic and random hitboxes and hit effects (I know SC better than I know Tekken) just plain don’t exist like they do in SoulCalibur.

Then add in the best training mode that has ever existed in any fighting game, 2d or 3d, and it becomes real obvious that Sega actually cares about making their game, and making it work as a truly competitive sport.

Toodles, you make a couple of good points, and I see that you’re on the same wavelength that I am as far as prize and flamboyant preachinga about why this game is better than the others.

As to Itabashi Zangief, I’d make the tourney accessible ONLY to US Players. NO international players, (accept if they were maybe only there to demonstrate skills.) Nothing convinces people like seeing people who really know the game go at it. As well, I’d only use EVO, the available US version. Perhaps as a poster said on VFDC, I should possibly contact Sega of America and ask if there are any plans for FT.

Sega doesn’t have any plans right now to port any of the Lindbergh games to console, they announced that already at that recent arcade event in Japan.

Well, who are you trying to reach with this ‘idea’? They could offer a million dollar prize in Marvel, and about 10-20 players would perk up their ears, and then the rest of the Marvel populace probably wouldn’t care much because that would never trickle down to them, would it? There’s some group that advertises in comics about their “tournaments in your area!” for good prizes - that’s how to drum up support. Give people a reliable place to play on good equipment, make it a fun scene. $20k at one place I don’t think does as much as having 20 $1k tournaments around the country.

And have a “Reliability Guarantee” for the arcades, too - get arcades back into actually maintaining their equipment* and I think that would definitely help the ongoing arcade interest level.

-Z (a guy who half-heartedly plays Lion)

*: Not really off-topic, if you think about it. In the last three arcades I’ve been in, one MvC1 machine 2P side only had LK working of the button set (NICE!), one MvC2 didn’t have 2P Start working (and this was on a tourney date that THEY had announced), and one MvC2 had no crouching diagonals. How is anybody going to ever want to go to the arcade? Having regular-ish tourneys on “Guaranteed Good!” equipment would seem to be the way to go if you really wanted to build up the scene. You’ve got to support social networking based around the game if you want to last, I think. </soapbox>