A Way to Play MvC2, Cvs2, GGXXAC, etc. again for PC!

The FGC is a very rich place with Three distinct Eras in the community. We have the Early Fighting game era which i see from the Early days of Street Fighter 2 to the Final days of SF3 third Strike. Next to follow the Era comes to the Quiet Era, which though had Great games, it was relatively Small from MvC2 to Tekken 6. Finally We have the Modern Era which is what we have now. You can play through the Early age with Fightcade, and Play through the Modern age with Steam, However with the Quiet era of the MvC2s, CvS2s, Melty Blood, and more, there was no way to play these games…Until Now, I have went into Work and created a website and community, with a easy step by step set up process, download packs, and extensions to play these games again.
This Website is called: FGC Arcadia
With FGC arcadia, you a provided the game of your choice in a community we can build together to play our favorite games again, without the need of a great PC. We host 40 games on oursite with provided emulators from some notable names like.
-Marvel vs Capcom 2 -Capcom vs Snk 2 -The King of Fighters XI -Tekken 5DR -Soul Calibur -Melty Blood -Virtua Fighter 4 -Akatsuki Blitzkampf -The Rumble Fish -Tatsunoko vs Capcom -Project Justice Rival Schools -Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 -Street Fighter 4 Vanilla
And many more Legendary games!
Do I need a Gaming Computer? -No! The highest game on our list requires an I3!
Is all of this free? -Absolutely!
Im not good at setting up emulators! - No worries! Everything is preconfigured and set up!
I Heard that Kaillera is unstable! -There has been alot of Discussion about Kaillera and Misconceptions of its connectivity. Kaillera 1v1 through servers can be Quirky, However this isnt the Case for Kaillera p2p. Kaillera p2p is what we will be using and it has always been proven to be very smooth in multiple tests that Friends and I have run. In combination with Hamachi, Kaillera Runs Amazing and does very well, I feel like people really Misunderstood Kaillera back in the day.
My goal in this is to build a community and preserve This middle era of the FGC. I also want to Inspire a rich scene to revive fan favorite games and play it together!
So Visit FGC Arcadia and start playing your favorite Arcade games again online!
Visit: www.fgcarcadia.byethost14.com

I think this is a great idea, but it’s against your server host’s ToS to illegally distribute copyrighted material(roms and bios). If this does happen to get popular, then that just increases the odds of them finding out about it and taking it down. Seems like it’s doomed from the start, which sucks because I love this idea and what you’ve done.

Also your hyperlinks don’t work. They just link me back to this thread. Maybe that’s an SRK problem though.

edit: okay I’m going to give my opinion on some of what you’ve done. First off, the home page is bad. The menu tiles are hard to read and if you don’t scroll down then you won’t even see them at all. They seem kind of pointless at the moment because most people will click the “get started” button or one of the drop downs at the top. Speaking of “get started,” the first step you have if is register for your site. The days of using a forum for matchmaking are going away in favor of discord, so registering on your site seems less than ideal(certainly not something I’d list as the first step)

On the topic of matchmaking, clicking any matchmaking links sends you to a quake net IRC. I guess that’s great that you have the option, but a discord is way better for that. I logged into the IRC channel and it was empty. If I want to play TvC or CvS2 right now, there are people in those already existing discords waiting to go. I think it would be way more useful to just host a list of discords that already exist for each game. If you really care about getting people to play these games online, then that’s the best option.

Another issue is the paths for the emulators. Set the paths to c:(emulator folder name) and just tell people to extract the folder into c:\ . That would make things way more user friendly for the vast majority of people and not require that they set their paths first thing. If they want to set their own paths, more power to them, but I think most people would rather just download something and just put it in c:\ to make it work.

Thank You for the Insightful reply! I will definitely think of something about the ToS issue, I was really trying to get preconfigs out for people so they don’t have to scramble for different Versions of Roms and other stuff.

For the Tiles I definitely understand that it can be pointless considering people would hit “Start Here”, I left them there Just incase that would just send them to easy places on the site without using the menu on top.

As for the Matchmaking, I wanted the IRCs to Be Exclusive to the Website, and as I had trouble getting the ball rolling on players, I would Rework my Start Here and Take consideration of what you said about The state of Forums and the need for dedicated discords. Though my goal was to get these discords in a central location to give each other exposure without promoting or joining all of these discords for people, that way it would give slight interest to some games foreign to others.

The IRCs are Empty now but I need some tips on getting the ball rolling, to get everyone to a central location, like an arcade.

And to Your finally point, I will greatly Consider that. I Love the Idea of everything in the C/drive as everything would be way faster to setup as there will be no need for paths. My thought process during development kind of assumed through the instructions it wouldnt be much of a problem for everyone, but I understand their are people that will have this problem regardless, and would need help.

If you have anymore suggestions please comment, I need to do my best for this!

Alright for the Most Part for the ToS, there has been Successs stories like the creator of emuparadise who posted roms on a free host, And knowning the Nature of Emulators they arent mainstream and depending on the complexity, shrink the population even more.

I fixed the Start here so it brings players right to the IRC so they do not need to login.
And if you would like to play games, ill be in the lobby IRC all day

I support this.

dead already?

In the process of moving it to a better host actually, for https

And we are back!

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This sounds amazing would love to play mvc2 with my group of friends!

@supersonicstep , it seems i can’t access the fgucarcadia page to download the mvc2 online

Hi, sorry for the late response, the website got nuked but we are actively here on discord, here is the link https://discordapp.com/invite/KczAkRr