A web site with sticks for high prices!1


The site is ToysnJoys.com



I just got there Capcom fighting Evolution Hrap and there Hori Tekken 4 stick Sunday…

I hope you guys use the site…


There was a thread about these guys not long ago in Tech Talk.



… I can’t believe you actually paid that much for a shitty stick…


Shitty to you good to me!!!:rofl:


wtf… these prices are WAAAYY high.

$150 for a fucking HRAP? yeah right


$160 for a CFJ stick? Not including shipping? You could have bought a HRAP3, but in a PS1 PCB, and probably still have enough money to get Sanwa buttons to put in there. Not to mention having a better looking stick with a better button layout.


LOL! That’s *almost *as good of a value as the PRE-OWNED Tekken 5 stick for $150. W T F?! :looney:


Well I’m sold!! On never buying from here. D:


Those two SvC:Chaos joys are not bad price…


lawl, a website with sticks for HIGH prices… is this supposed to be a joke?


I think the title was changed :rofl: Used to be cheap.


Yea, for those prices…you better off modding a t5 stick and calling it a hrap 4.:lol:


that is absurd.