A** Whoop'd Buy Boxer

Oops i spelled “By” wrong lol
So EVERYTIME i come up against Balrog I get Whoop’d whorse that I get beat with by any other character (yea i am working on my game) but I feel like there is nothing I can do… I get pushed into a corner i block a bunch of jump-ins -> jabs -> low sweep (some of the time) and then i try to get away and get head-butted and pushed into the other corner. i try to move back i get sweeped… i try to jump back and i get headbutted… i go for a low sweep and GET low sweeped… HOW DO I FIGHT HIM?

I Main Cammy … (Since 2 days ago)

-Learn to block Balrog’s overhead on reaction. Not hard, since its slow.
-Don’t jump in on him. Ever. His cr. hp has a ridiculous hitbox, and you also run the risk of eating a headbutt to ultra.
-If hes dumb, do a lot of focus attacks. This can punish sweeps and dash punches.
-Learn some safe block strings so he can’t mash out jabs. Learn to tick throw so he can’t mash out jabs. If he’s OS teching, learn to TK cannon strike to punish.

At lower levels, Cammy vs Boxer is an uphill battle. At high level, cammy has the tools to pressure Boxer really effectively. So really, your only option is just to get better.

A couple other pieces of Rog info that might help, at least against your typical online opponent:

  • You can throw him out of EX rush punches
  • Focus non-EX rush punches to own bad Balrogs for free, just don’t get predictable or else you’ll get armor broken
  • Bait headbutts by tiptoeing or neutral jumping just outside of range, then punish (again, decent Balrogs won’t throw out random HBs, but it can work against online scrubs)

Work on cross ups and dive kick pressure. Throw him when he starts turtling too much. Don’t do random spiral arrows or hooligans. Basically you want to look for an opportunity to start pressuring him and punish his attempts to escape or reversal.

Try learning your distances with your spiral arrows, this helps with his gdlk reversals

Run up and throw him… I swear this works

EX Spiral arrows will never trade with dashes, EVER

Fight for the momentum, it can make the match sooo much easier

Cannon Spike is punishable so stop doing it

when you get him down, hold your focus attack next to him(dash away…) and bait the headbutt and then you can punish

throw him out of his specials, especially the ex ones