A Word to the Wise: Option Select Crouch-Teching with Balrog

The crouch-tech is a method of buffering safe throw escape inputs
(:db:+:lp:+:lk:) into the block stun of enemy poke strings. This method is ‘safe’, because when executed at the right time, it will block attacks in the string, and avoid throws by teching. Furthermore, it does not risk a throw whiff - in the crouching position, :lp:+:lk: will come out as a crouching short - considerably safer than a whiffed throw attempt.

However, with Balrog I found that it has concretely improved my defensive game by, in a sense “reverse plinking” - it looks as follows on the input display:
The advantage to this, obviously, is that if the block string does not continue, and your opponent does not attempt a throw, Balrog throws out his c.jab instead of his c.short, which is a markedly superior move.

In addition to this, I will sometimes further buffer a normal (non “plinked”) crouch-tech:
The timing for this is for an early c.jab, c.short chain. You’re teching twice here, and also it allows you to hit confirm into headbutt/dash punch if it hits. This is a very cheesy tactic, and though it can’t be abused against good players, it’s still a useful option select, and honestly will land you free damage sometimes.

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge among the Balrog populous, but I just figured that if it wasn’t already, it should be. :slight_smile:

This is good stuff. I have been working to improve my game with c. tech. I am one of those players who really get frustrated if I am under pressure to long. But I can’t get this to work consistently.

Can I practice the this in training by just having the dummy walk up and throw me?

Can you explain how this works in a certain situation?
If Ryu jumps in with RH: sometimes he will throw of the RH, sometimes after a c. lk and sometimes after c. lp, c. lp. Where do you have your inputs?

Sorry if this is complete noobstuff, but I really wanna understand this:)

NP. The only way to really practice this is in real matches - you can set the dummy to record tick throw set-ups, but it’s honestly easy enough to practice IRL. The next time you’re playing, just let your opponent launch an offense and work on timing the techs. That’s what casuals are for :).

You can, however, practice the improved input (the c.jab crouch-tech) in training mode by just turning on input display. If the input readout looks like
Then you did it right. If it looks different, you’re doing it wrong.

In my experience, everyone has a different way of explaining the timing for option select-teching. I think the best way to explain it is this: imagine that your opponent is going to throw you at every possible opportunity in his block string. You want to time your techs for a slightly late throw escape from all his ticks. You are inputting the escape pretty much in rhythm with his block string, but a few frames after his moves hit (that’s when the throw would be coming). So it’s like

Ryu jumps in at you, you block high for the jump-in. He might just empty jump-throw you, and since he’s airborne, crouch-teching isn’t smart, so I recommend just learning to block empty jump-throw on reaction. Of course, his other option is a jump-in. You block his jump-in high, then imagine he’s going to throw you right afterward, time your crouch-tech for a late throw escape. If he continues the block string with c.lp, once again, imagine he’s going to throw you afterward, and late-tech it. Then repeat.

I do want to stress that high level players will figure out when you are crouch-teching during block strings and take advantage of it. This technique is extremely useful, but is not 100% safe. There are creative ways of beating crouch-teching by taking advantage of the whiffed crouching light attack. Ryu can throw out a delayed EX-Tatsu, for example, or simply psychic-DP that shit. However, against players that don’t really know about this tactic, this can increase your throw defense to 90-95%. Once you’ve mastered crouch-teching during block strings, the only throws you really have to worry about are meaty ones.

Also, you can’t rely on the crouch-tech against the following: Rufus (his instant dive kick will sometimes get stuffed by c.jab, if he does it late, but will beat it if he does it a bit early), Cammy (same reason, but she’s not really as scary as Rufus)
Edit: After a bunch of testing, it seems like the c.jab crouch tech is fairly safe against Cammy’s instant air Strikes. c.jab stuffs it pretty much 100% of the time. :smiley:

And you should almost never crouch-tech against: E. Honda (he’s a lot more likely to tick into scoop then a regular throw, so just be wary - back dash and neutral jump all day, though), Abel (again, command grabs), Zangief (just hold up-back and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue: - this is the one character I would say you should absolutely never crouch-tech against). Basically, it won’t escape command-grabs, and most command grabs will eat up your c.jab, so keep that in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been looking at it today and it’s starting to work. Thx alot dude, your 2nd post really helped me out.

One small correction - Ryu’s EX Tatsu gest stuffed by Balrog’s c.lk. So he can’t bait crouch techs with it (well, I suppose an EXTRA delayed one might work). I think he’ll prefer to try c.mp for it’s extra range.
This is why it’s important to delay you tech, and then when they try delayed uppercut etc., you have time to jab them out of it.