A Year In Review (SFxT 2012)


With Vanilla SFxT coming to a close in 2 days, we start on a new journey in version 2013. Just wanted to start up a discussion on how the sfxt community has felt about the game over the last year(ok maybe not a full year,about 10 months). How have you felt from build to build to launch? Did you think this game would be the game you would focus on? your favorite tourney moments? some of your expectations/ concerns going into ver. 2013, and what can we do as a community to make ver. 2013 more enjoyable for possible new crowd it might bring in? Hopefully I can get some honest replies. :slight_smile:


Honestly, SFXT is probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time with any fighting game. I’ve always been a huge Mortal Kombat fan all of my life, and was majorly disappointed with MK9. Never got into Marvel (other than watching it) and sucked big time at SSF4 because of not having the proper knowledge and patience to block vortexes and crap. Even dealing with jab pressure, herp derp tatsu’s and Vanilla Ryu I decided to stick with the game and I am glad that I did. I look forward to 2013 big time, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the game. I hope that it attracts a much larger fan base and tourneys become larger because of it. :slight_smile:


So far there are only 4 fighting games that I have played considerably longer in my life. They are Virtua Fighter 2 (PC), Mortal Kombat 4 (PC), SF IV vanilla (PC), and recently SFxT (PC). I never expected that so much odium is given on this game as I was not aware of the metagame concept. If one disregards the metagame for a moment SFxT is fun as it could be.


Well as for me sure I was bothered by the DLC character issue, and at first I wasn’t too sure if I could actually get into this game, but after playing it I will honestly say that it’s one of my favourite fighting games of all time. A unique juggle and tag system, awesome supers and of course that one mechanic that I and several others fought hard to prove that it wasn’t useless :wink: I’d say SFxT and it’s videos have done alot for my channel on youtube, and being able to produce content to support the community, which is always on the defensive everyday, was really rewarding. Sure there were some salty times, and times where I thought stuff was hopeless but honestly I’ve had more fun in this game than I can say for most other fighting games I’ve played lately, and I’ve put an immense amount of time into it. Looking forward to ver 2013’s cosmetic changes, the system changes and balance will have to be judged when it comes, haha. Never really had a problem with SFxT, cause at the end of the day despite its problems up until ver 1.05 I’ve enjoyed this game alot and I always wanna get better at it and learn new things. Tbh I can’t properly phrase what I think right now, and it’d take paragraphs to fully say everything, but the bottom line for me is that I think SFxT is an honest and underrated fighting game that I’ll definitely never forget.


I’ve always liked SFxT since day 1. Even with the insane jab pressure and invincible air tatsus, I thought the game was pretty well balanced for the most part.

I think the community for this game sucks in general and isn’t even half of what the MK9 community managed to become in half the time. But we are all to blame for that. We are taking things for granted because it’s a capcom game with Street Fighter written on it.

I’m hopeful that ver 2013 will bring more players and more stream time. The game will have less time outs for sure, but will it really be that more hype to watch? Well, it’s not Marvel and it’s not AE. It’s never going to be the “stream monsters game”. But hopefully people learn to appreciate the game and enjoy watching and playing it more.

My biggest concern is that the 2013 patch breaks the game. I don’t want SFxT to become like 3S and only see Jin, Heihachi and Jack-X in top 32.

My other concern is that health management becomes a thing of the past. Because of throws removing red life, some characters being able to combo into throws, and because red life recovers much slower, I feel like managing our health is not going to matter as much as vanilla. And to me that was one of the best things about the game.


I totally agree with you on that point. This patch is definitely going to make this game a “GET IN DAT ASS” type of game. There are so many incentives to being offensive that managing your life is only going to make it that much harder.


I was bothered by the whole DLC issue as well - Though to be fair SFxT was a huge clusterf**k PR wise before all that was even unearthed, that just made things worse. I guess I also thought that I was gonna get a free pass online because I initially had Juri in my team and have a lot of experience of playing from SF4 - Which was the initial cause of all my hate - I was playing it too much like SF4 and not it’s own unique game which a lot of new match ups to learn / relearn, especially from the Tekken cast ( the fact that Kazuya for example had chains that included overheads that didn’t look like overheads was just infuriating! ) Eventually - I just stopped playing for several months and spewed hate on it during this time.

I came back with the patch that released the DLC characters and as I mentioned in the general discussion thread yesterday, after giving it another chance - I felt like a right Jackass for all the hate I spewed on it earlier - I also learned a valuable lesson - NOT to let myself be influenced by the Eventhubs comments section ever again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I got back into it I found myself have way more fun playing this game than AE - AE had become stale, boring and frustrating for me to play ( especially online. ) You could say SFxT is a breath of fresh air for me. I guess the fact you can be juggle for ages ( or be juggled yourself ) watching someone who is better at your characters do amazing combos ( the type that inspire you to go into training mode so that you can learn to do them yourself ) but the real beauty? NO BS COMEBACK MECHANIC.

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve lost matches, online or in tournament over in AE either because someone mashed out an ultra OR my ultra didn’t connect leaving me open to get killed ( damn Juri’s U2 and it’s down right odd properties! ) In SFxT, if you lose - it’s more than likely you’re own fault - You probably didn’t know the match up, how to deal with pressure, etc, etc.

I’m looking forward to v2013 - The news that it was coming is what convinced me to buy the DLC characters. The whole DLC issue, while seemingly greedy - isn’t all that black and white either - I’d rather have on disc DLC than having to download 600 mb files every month coughMK9probablyInjusticetoocough Besides, on disc DLC is here to stay as much as we hate it - It really is budgeted separate from the main game content, though.

To sum up, being one hell of ride for me - I’m happy to keep playing SFxT - Though it’s gonna become harder to do so from mid March onwards as I begin what I hope will become long term world wide travel - beginning with Australia. I hope I can get in at least one local v2013 tournament before I leave Ireland.


I think alot of the problem also has to due with that its hard to jump start the game at tournies when the interest is sooooooo little, on top of the sfxt community being so spread out. I mean there will always be marvel 3 and/or AE players no matter where you go,sfxt players maybe 1 player here,3 players there. I think us sfxt players would love to be more involved and active with the bigger populous, but driving an hour to only hope someone wants to get in some games is just depressing. Not trying to make excuses but ita just the way i see it.

I think alot more characters will be viable in 2013. Most of the tekken cast is getting buffs to be more “viable”, and while the sf side did get nerfed i still think they will be able to compete at high level.

Also believe the online tournament series was a good way for some to get into the tournament mindset. While not the most effiecient way to prepare but i think this is the way the sfxt community could show its dedication since it seemed like most were sticking to their opinions of the game no matter how much we showed there is more than jab jab and boost combos.

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If you asked me 3 months ago if SFxT could ever win the hearts of the stream monsters I would have said no. Now, however, with the support of key FGC figures (Justin Wong, Ultra David, Mike Ross, etc…) as well as being 1 of the 2 games in IPL and also at EVO, I think that the community will be ‘forced’ to watch it enough to see that it is actually a really good game.

The last big part of the puzzle is pro players actually playing SFxT how it’s meant to be played, instead of simply using skills they’ve acquired from other fighters and using characters from previous games to carry them to victory. I want to see Latif with a speed gem setup, I want FlashMetroid to play Lei, I want Filipino Champ to have a pocket Pandora build, I want ChrisG to be known for his unblockable Cross Assault combos.


Liked the game overall, just annoyed by few bad decisions on Capcom’s part which resulted in plaguing the entire game for the last few months.

DLC stuff never bothered me minus paying for gems. I think the customization gems is a cool idea to use to individualize everyone’s teams. Just didn’t like how a lot of the good ones are locked away for ca$h.

Looking forward to the new update since I like having all the extra offense and defense options presented in comparison to SF4, which we’ve all been playing for the past four years.


I knew I’d be playing this game once Juri was confirmed. The rest was just details!

In all seriousness, there were a few things that irked me, namely the gem system turning into a cash business (which I was so certain Capcom wouldn’t do), the absence of local pair play on XBL, auto-teching being absurd and just some of the odd shuffling Capcom did at launch.

Now, whether I liked the game? I was honestly back and forth on it for the first month. Part of that was that I was still playing it like SF4, and just didn’t “get” the game. I almost sold it at one point. Once I decided to stick with it and learn it after the Rolento glitch, I knew there was no going back, so to speak.

Since then though, it’s been one of my most played fighting games in a long time. I seriously have not put this much effort and time into a game since I was in college trying to study every aspect of Tekken 5. And I put a LOT of man hours into that game (mostly practicing, not discovering new things as I was even less skilled than I am now).

I think going forward, we need to keep finding ways to help others that want to play the game, and be careful not to take things for granted because of recent positive events. Get out to events when we can, as much as we can. Research the game and improve our play.

I’m seriously excited for v2013, regardless of the nerfs and buffs. The visual changes are definitely welcome, but really, I just want to get in the lab and start playing around with my characters again.

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I honestly don’t see the hype in AE. Everything about it is so mediocre I find it difficult to get excited over anything in that game.


Originally I was on board for a new fighting game, they’re all fun to me. And then… They announced the concept of… gems… I was ecstatic! This feature attracted me to the game immensely above anything else. JRPGs and FFXI were my first love before I got into fighting games and I love the idea of customization and instant metagame alteration. i’m not a high level player, so it gives me opportunity to experiment without actually being that good.

In SFIV, my main was Hakan, an incredibly interesting character and one that doesn’t have a go to defensive option. So when the game came out and everyone was bitching about sucky anti airs and such, it didn’t bother me all too much. I was actually all the more happy that there were so many new and interesting characters to check out. It kind of felt like dimps understood more about designing characters and movesets due to the originality of sf4’s new challengers and it showed when they brang the tekken characters into 2d.

The online performance is way more solid than SFIV, i know whenever i go back to play that game, i’ll probably incredibly frustrated with it.

The plethora of universal Mechanics you have in this game is great. While it might be too much for the casual friends, they’re less executionally difficult than FADC, so beginners might actually have an easier time with it. Raw launcher is the best. The options you have with your meter cover defense and offense.

the pace of the matches are extremely strategic, with so many things to consider and how such a thing will affect combo choice and meter usage. I am afraid of this aspect being lessened when 2013 comes around due to the recoverable health nerfs. I welcome all of the 2013 changes though, I have no real care if my characters gets buffed or weakened, just as long as they’re working towards balance, the universal system changes sound A-ok with me.

My only complaint about the game is at a spectator standpoint. SFxT on streams have been pushed to the side and the commentators have not been as good as other games most of the time. sf25th finals were great though, really excited for 2013 on a community standpoint, i want to watch this game toss and turn, rivalries be built and see people get excited for this game just like any other game.


To be fair AE is pretty vintage Street Fighter with a few small twists and turns. But it is a pretty solid game. I think a lot of us see the potential for SFxT to overtake that place but it will take work to show that off. It’s just a different beast.


what? r u serious? have u ever in ur life played any SF2? AE is like day n night to it


Compared to everything after SF2? Yeah it is. It’s just slower in some areas and faster in others.


SFxT has been my main fighter since its release back in March 2012. My experience can be summed up as mostly positive but its also given me my fair share of frustration and salt.

Low points of the game for me were the assist gems, before they got patched, and the anger that arose in my soul from all of the Tekken strings and boost combos that kept blowing me up.

High points, well just playing the game and slowly getting better at it… Though some days I wonder if that’s really the case.

Looking forward to the update not so much for the balance changes but rather that it gets more people playing again.


consider vintage to MK2, TMNT tournament fighter, KoF 94, 95 , fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, World Heroes, Samurai Showdown, DarkStalkers, etc.
AE simply isnt


I’m only talking about the Street Fighter series. AE is closer to SF2 style compared to Alpha and 3s. It only has a splash of new stuff in it compared to the rest. So yes, it is.


I’d turn this into a rant, so let me keep it short and sweet. And to quote LordWilliam, partially.

I love and will defend Street Fighter X Tekken to the very end. And even though I get mad salty, I do adore this game.

I have to give a special applause to the X Tekken community, as you guys do mean an awful lot to me.

Roll on 2013, and may it bring you everything you dreamt of.

Also, just saying, Lili to be top tier.

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