A Year's Worth of Tournament Results!


Hi. This week I wrapped up my tourney results project for the first season of SF4.

It’s got:

  1. Twelve months of tournament results from all over the world.

  2. Huge collection of video links going back to August 2008. The links are on the dates.

  3. Assorted tables and graphs with character usage data. :coffee:

  4. Easter eggs?! cough (Yeah I made this one aspect a little too obscure, oh well.)

The most recent post is over here:

Links to the rest on the left there.


Extremely impressive data collection and presentation


nohoho, know that your work is not going under-appreciated. :tup:


lol @ Fuerte. That’s brutal.

Very nice stuff.


this is fucking awesome NH2… thx!



You can add LI Joe’s win at Summer Jam to the list also.


like everyone else said…GOOD SHIT, sir.


Fred should be paid for his hard work i <3 you


Gotta echo everyone’s love. Sucks that you’re stopping for a while, you really contributed a lot to the community. How hard is the data collecting? Is there any way someone could step in and continue to provide monthly updates?


I would like to thank you for taking your time in adding the EVOSA finals on your results. Congrats for the work, its amazing !


You’re ridiculous for tracking down the results (and videos) to all these tournaments. Must have been a lot of hard work for Fletch Goldstein and Curtis Allegra.


Bear my children. :wink:


Wow, this is just awesome. Thanks for putting it together.


Shit, I even saw the results for a Dutch tournament :tup:


Nohoho added the results of one of my local tournies on Guam a couple times.

Truly God-like.


good shit.


Awesome data collection and graphs.

But this takes the cake:

thebook said…

So who are the best characters to use?

nohoho said…

The best character to use is Guile. Sonic BOOM!


jesus christ…


Its funny how your page has info for SF4, ST, and…Battle Fantasia??


only way to thank is to rep… and that is what i have done. :slight_smile:

btw, battle fantasia is fucking awesome.