A-Yuri: Basics



Yeah, not many people play Yuri. It’s just she’s kind of a depressing character to use. You hit Sagat with three solid combos, then he hits you with one and he’s winning… :wtf:

I ALWAYS play Yuri in A-Groove, her customs are a good trump card.

Anyway, here are the basic moves for her:

S.Roundhouse - Her best poke overall. The Side Kick that Sakura and Yamazaki also have, so think about that.

C.Fierce - This anti-air is REALLY good. You barely have to think about angles, just crouch and hit the button.

C.Roundhouse - Her sweep is great, fast, range and can be cancelled.

Short Rai’ou Ken (air fireball) - This move’s been slowed down a bit from CvS1. It’s still good, though, especially from the proper distance (where rolling and hitting her after is difficult).

RC jab Ko’ou Ken (ground “fireball”) - this little burst of a move is an excellent way to poke after C.RH.

C.Short - really good light move, can chain them together rapid-fire and combo into cho upper or fireball.

J.Roundhouse - This is probably her best jump-in, because the angle’s really good and the priority ain’t too shabby either. Fierce is also alright, and J.Forward is good for air-to-air.

S.Fwd+Forward - Her butt bounce is a good thing to throw out, since it’s an overhead and tends to annoy people and make them think twice about what’s coming next.

Yuri has the tools to be a good character. It’s just the amount of damage she deals is pathetic. You have to NOT GET HIT to do well with Yuri. This is hard in a game with characters that have ridiculous pokes.

Her custom setups: after activation:

(1) jab cho upper
Her anti-air custom and the only one I use (because I suck at DP cancels). After the jab cho upper, you take them across the room with more jab til you get to the corner. Then do jab saifa (reflector), cancel into fierce saifa til the custom is over (throw in some jabs or maybe a short slap move if you want) into Hien Hou’ou Kyaku (her butterfly kick super).

(2) c.forward, s.forward
Ground super. You keep mashing on forward (that’s why Gunter called it mash custom) then after about six hits sweep into slappy moves. You can usually get in two, but you gotta time them so the last one exits just when the custom is over, then HHK. This is good to do if you don’t think jab DP will hit and they’re on the ground.

(3) fierce cho upper
I don’t do this because it’s physically demanding. You have to keep doing them (like Sakura’s super). Conceivably, after a certain point you could stop and do something like c.rh into slappy and finish this out, but the good thing about this custom is if you can pull it all off, it will always guardbreak and when the custom is over you can do s.fierce xx fierce DPx2 for really good damage (the combo plus the chip).


and j. lk is her cross up.

a basic pressure combo you can do is cross up lk, cr. lk, cr. lk, cr. hk xx lp fireball, or if you want, the air fireball to mix it up, sometimes if they try to jump out they’ll get hit by this.

her air fireball is good when done from a safe distance. sometimes I like to jump straight up and do nothing just to get them thinking a little.

for air to air, her j. hp is pretty good. it’s also her air throw.

occaisionally you can punish missed pokes with her hcb+k running grab move. the priority and recovery on this is pretty good.

the saiba move is better than it seems. as an anti air you can beat out most jump ins with this. it also hits guys directly above her and maybe even a little behind her. it comes out a little slow so do it early. I think the lp version comes out faster but doesn’t last as long as the hp one, so use accordingly. of course it’s good for an anti roll.

don’t be careless with Yuri, she gets hurt big and doesn’t do a lot of damage. she’s more of a character that annoys your opponent than anything else.


ok question… for the fierce chou upper CC is the timing the same as Sakura’s shouoken CC?

And for RC Kouken does

crouch, offensive crouch, towards, jab+short, release jab work? or is there an easier method?


just a random note, if you’re gonna use Yuri really learn to roll cancel her moves. it makes her considerably better. and nothing beats rc saiba on a tiger raid. :smiley:


I’m having some serious issues fighting against Blanka and am wondering what the best way to go about it is… I’m not used to not having a poke that punishes blanka ball since I usually play sakura… and when I try to zone like I do other chars I just get romped… I was wondering what the best way to go about that fight would be.


what I would do is play keep away. pick your spots. do lp fireballs and lk air fireballs. and I’m not sure, but there should be some way to punish the blanka ball with Yuri. :bluu:


I’m gonna be playing theory fighter and say her stomp super might be fast enough to reverse blanka ball but otherwise she has no counter.

Blanka ball isn’t the problem is, though. It’s his damn foward hop and low slide.

Anyone has a decent custom with her? I just use qcb+p in corner but it really is shitty :confused:


lp chou uppers. do them as deep as possible so you can get maximum damage. end with kick super. the most I can make it do is around 5000 damage.


Blocked Blanka Balls I’m not sure about unless you corner him, in which case try for this:

close s.RH --> hcb + RH [CC] cr.RH, s.RH, hcb + RH x 3, qcf-hcb + kick

You have to be really close to the corner, but this is about 7000 damage. I think in fighting Blanka, it’s a good idea to learn to RC hcb + kick, because it’s easy to learn/perform, it’s easy to be consistant with, and it gets results.

Midscreen or wherever else you could actually just use her anti-air CCs vs. Blanka Ball. Don’t block it, just activate and proceed. Now obviously you won’t always have meter, so just block and hcb + RH otherwise. Listen to Zeronian and play everything safe with keep away!

It’s imperative that you all eventually learn DP cancelling, because her DP cancel CCs have extreme utility!

Zeronian, I’m not understanding why you’re only getting 5000. Could you elaborate on what you do (ie when you get to the corner, where do you usually start from, etc…). I usually get between 5900-6600 or so.

Good strats, Yuri rules. She a damn good battery too.


I tend to start the CC when I’m in the corner, then when a jump in happens, I activate and do chou uppers all the way to the other side of the screen, and by the time I get there I either do a lk slap move or a cr. hp and finish with the super. that gets around 5500. when I said 5000 I didn’t actually check in training mode yet.


Oh ok, I suggest you just do 6 uppers, as deep as you want, then do hcb + RH, and lastly, of course, finish with qcf-hcb + kick super. the roundhouse slap offers a much higher hit count and puts the CC somewhere between 5800-6300 if I remember right. That’s just full-screen though. It really is worth it to practice her anti-air CCs from all points on the screen.


yuri customs

I experimented and found out that well…

If you happen to land a close s.mp or mk, then dp+lp,
you can custom after that from any where…

Here’s a corner custom:

after the above setup, activate, S.FK, QCB+FPx4, HCB+FKx2, then running super…

This does about 7800+ which is very nice…

if you landed the setup from any where else, then you could do a combo to corner and probally get about 7300, which is what I normaly get…

Hope this helps…:slight_smile: