A Zangief Reset I found out for SSF4:AE Ver. 2012


any questions, just ask
I would be able to answer most of them
I hope this helps out

Does this still work if they are mashing back dash, holding up or mashing a reversal.

well…that’s a good question…if you have the blizzard…then that will definitely 100% work if it is an OTG move and especially back dash too
if they are trying to hold back, you will most likely get them
if you look closely at 0:38, you will notice that ryu is still slightly crouching…that is when you know you officially got it, but EX spd is the quickest out of all the spd’s zangief has, so if no ultra go with EX…
that’s my best educated guess and what to tell ya

You mean EXspd is the slowest of all the SPDs.

Not a huge fan of the U1 reset because it gives them more time to realize they’re in a reset, while lvl 3 focus attack to cr. lk to Ultra 1 gives them almost no time to see it’s a reset.

For the Ultra 2 reset I’m curious to see if it works on a ryu mashing his 3 frame dp.

I think if you want to catch them with a reset, you’re better off doing a quick normal before they go into the airborne part of the crumple stun. Minimizing the total time it takes to execute minimizes their time to react (and a FADC flashing doesn’t help). You could actually do the cr.HP, recover, 720 without FADC and that would be faster than FADC, dash forward.

Lvl3 FA, dash, cl.LK/cl.LP, recover/buffer 720, U1/Super

EDIT: ^What he said. :slight_smile:

Like GuruPrimo said, EX SPD actually has more startup than the regular SPDs. But it’s startup frames are invincible so it still may be the best one to use especially if you think they’re mashing a normal. And on some characters the extra post-SPD time that the EX version gives is very valuable.

But put me in the camp that thinks that a cr.lk -> Ultra would usually be better. Still, I think I’d only attempt a reset if the damage difference it provided was going to KO them or if they don’t have their Ultra to mega-punish me.

Still, there is a place and time for every shenanigan, so thank you for this.

Tested, and of course reset doesn’t catch jump or backdash, but did notice something funny while testing reversals, It actually can function as kind of a dumb OS against some characters. Probably no practical application (since they can hold up for raw max punish) but anyways, against 3,4,5 frame reversals the reset gets beat for fadc to whatever (didn’t test everyone just picked characters who had those reversal timings).

But, against makotos 6f reversal U1 (which again she doesn’t need to do because jump and backdash get out safely) Gief’s inputs during forward dash triggered a jump splash when she did reversal U1, while if she just blocked the dash inputs triggered U1. I can test more but don’t really see a use for it outside of maybe a strange reversal punish for a reallllly good read.

This reset could be useful for Gief’s U2 maybe? I am ass at using U2 so if anyone else has insight who knows.

edit: did a test of U2 as low to the ground as I could get it, U2 after this reset caught Ryu’s jump, backdash and reversal shoryu. So there could be application there.

Lol. I tried for 20 minutes couldn’t recreate that Makoto situation at all. So strange.

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I will be honest…I have not tested this out with ultra 2 in an actual match…but I have gotten one person once with the ultra 1 in the mix…and at least 2 people with a heavy/ex spd with this reset…I don’t do this reset all the time in matches…maybe once or twice, but that’s just about it
but I should definitely test out the ultra 2 mix of the reset in an actual match against blanka or some other characters I prefer the blizzard on
But I hope this does help out some people…
NOTE: The cr.hp does 120 without damage scaling

I actually think this reset is much much better with U2, since most people when crumpled will not be standing still for U1, they will jump or backdash most likely or reversal if they are feeling themselves. Grounded reversals may be an issue, but more testing is needed.

unfortunately DP beats it all lol! and not to mention EX Gekiro!!!

completely useless , any good player can react to zangief’s forward dash.

Actually reset U2 catches shoryu.

I think I still prefer a light attack or the occasional close s.hk or close s.hp for resets because they are meterless but any tech is good tech I guess.

i like this for what it is but i honestly catch tons of people with a simple lvl 3 foucs > dash > cl.st.lk/cl.st.mp/cl.st.mk/cr.lk/cl.st.jab > super/U1 reset…

there’s no wait / delay of a long attack to have them think they might get mixed up or reset… especially in the jabs and shorts…

This is interesting, it would work very well with Ultra 2…very gimmicky lol

Yeah, seems like it’d work a lot better with u2 rather than atomic buster. Also maybe for styling or mental guard crush if you could just finish the opponent with focus attack -> fierce SPD and go for this instead.

It’ll definitely work better with U2, but its really gimmicky. Doing this to people when they’re in the corner seems like the only good way to do this.
Since you’ll have like 3 chances to hit them instead of 2.

This is something you could most likely only get away with once in an actual match, I dont consider it viable unless you use negative edge…and even though. Such a gimmick…

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