i fuckin wasted microsoft points on sf2:hf. Goddammit.

Man I was all hyped for it a while ago, then i lost interest. Now im excited again. I’ll be up at midnight (or whatever time) and i’ll download it then. hehehe

I’ve had my eye on this game since it was announced and it’s looking to become one of the best XBLA games.


4 Player Online co-op.

Can you play online co-op?

I’ve never heard of this until now. :o I may have to dust off the 360 if there’s a lot of hype involving it.

castle crashers ftw


I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced about 400 years ago. If only I didn’t have overtime at work right now(*it’s optional but I can never resist extra money.) I’d probably take take a whole day off for this. Live Arcade has been on FIRE lately with this Summer of Arcade event. I might get it first thing tomorrow morning since I get up at 5 or a few minutes before(*yeah, it’s serious overtime, folks.)…but I’ll definitely be on the game tomorrow night.

…provided I haven’t just jinxed my system into a 2nd death, of course.

After watching a video for this, I am hype for it. Any idea how much it will cost?

Pac-man CE, Bionic Commanda Rearmed, and now Castle Crashers. Fuck Xbox Live has better games than the regular 360.

1200 MS points.

I’m gonna wait to see how the trial is. I like beat em ups and everything, but I don’t know, maybe this games just been overhyped. I was expecting like MGS4 fucks SF4.

Damn, video game companies are trying to ruin my wallet tomorrow. Castle Crashers, Disgaea 3, and Tales of Vesperia all come out tomorrow… What the hell?

I’ve been waiting for this game and pretty much a arcade beat-em up game like this for a long time!!!

Yes, I geeked out today. I waited up and downloaded castle crashers. I guess no one else did. There are no games to join and no one is joining my game. hehe

But how is it? I hope you went on to grind by yourself!

Its a fun game. I finaly got a game online but it was only with 1 other person. I had to have tried at least 20 times to get in an online game. I was either kicked out, the game was cancled or my 360 froze up.

In any case its a great beat’em up. Its like Alien Hominide meets Golden Axe. I love the way this game looks, just as I did AH. It looks like a comic strip from the sunday paper come to life. I played one level andgot my little character to level 4. I learned how to use a bow and I learned like 2 combos. The controles are great but take a bit of getting use to for me. Im not use to so many buttons in a beat’em up game. I like the freakin’ music. Whats up with these arcade games having better tunes than some of the big discy titles? Im still wondering how long it will take to finish the game? The “world map” looked kinda big, but that doesnt really mean anything.

I also went to the Arena and did a battle there. I guess it just keeps throwing wave after wave of diffrent (and tougher and tougher enemies) at you. I got to like the 4th set of baddies before I fell. Probably get a nifty achievment for getting so far in it and maybe some loot.

At this point i’ll give it an 8/10. Its freakin’ sweet, but im totaly hyped.

p.s. I guess if you have alien hominide you can play as the little AH alien. sweet.

I played last night with a friend when the game came out. Played for about an hour or so before my controller randomly disconnected from my 360. When I tried to reconnect a bunch of times, the controller stopped responding (360 button just kept flashing) and ended up disconnecting me from the Internet too for some strange reason. I had to take out the battery pack in order to reset the controller. Weird stuff. We quit for the night after that since I had to go to bed anyways.

My thoughts? This game is awesome. I love the style, humor, music, and gameplay. The game is just crazy fun and very addicting. Being that we only played an hour, I don’t know how big the game is, but I think, so far, it’s forth the 1200 points. The RPG elements are very minor, but it’s cool that you can build your character however you want. My blue knight specializes in magic right now, and he even has a “magic” stick. :lol: As you gather/unlock weapons in this game, they offer stats up/down. For example, this magic stick I have gives me -2 strength and -1 defense, but gives me +2 magic (every 4 magic your magic attacks level up). The combo system is pretty standard beat’em up style, but you have some combos here and there (but nothing too complex).

Overall, this game is awesome and I can’t wait for my friend to fucking wake up so we can play some more. :rofl:

I’m in; I will buy it tonight

SRK should set up play nights for this game. It’s too awesome. Maybe I’ll do something on Friday night if you guys are done for some 4 player co-op.