A2/A3 - Akuma Raging Demon setups

I’ve started playing with Akuma alot recently and while I know he’s a beast in V-ISM I wanna learn him in A-ISM before making the switch over to V-ISM. So with that being said are there any useful Raging Demon setups for him in A-ISM. What I’ve basically been doing in casual matches is air hurricane which lands in front of my opponent and immediately doing the RD or RD from crouching jabs. A couple specific questions also

  1. I know his f+mk can be cancelled into an dp when in recovery, can it be cancelled into the RD as well ?

  2. (Jumping back to A2 here) Can the RD be done/cancelled from a cr. HK as a fireball can ?

I haven’t gotten the time to test for myself as christmas season is pretty busy and I was supposed to finish work 5hrs ago but alas I’m still here :frowning:

  1. The landing of the hopkick can be canceled. I don’t see why you couldn’t RD, but it’s probably a really dumb idea to do so. Command grabs can’t be combo’d so on hitstun or blockstun, it won’t grab. Maybe Gief would be fucked? (HSFA also has different properties sometimes when jumping out of command throws too, so I dunno about that game)

For the most part though, you freeze the screen, and tell the opponent “here’s a RD that won’t connect right away! You can get out!” and they could freely jump, or if brave, try something like VC or DP or blah blah.

You almost always want to use a RD when in close, and when they’re free of blockstun/hitstun. I can see it working ATER the hopkick, trying to grab a poke… But I don’t think it has much invincibility? I dunno about A3. Sorry. (I do remember eating some anti-air RD’s in X-ism tho).

Does anyone have the frame data for this move? Throw range? As far as I know, the RD’s are kinda gimpy in the alphas when compared to the newer games. I’ve thrown them before in A3 I think.

  1. Again, I dunno if he can cancel any normal into RD like he can in 3S. Also again, because of #1, there wouldn’t be much point unless he has a good kara or something. (or in a combovideo hah)

I don’t know about the RD’s in alpha really. I’m really just posting in the hopes that someone else does. :stuck_out_tongue:

All I know is that Blue-ism teleporting through a FB in a poke string, then canceling into Raging Demon… always gets a groan out of the opponent. :wgrin:

Like said above,i’ve also eaten some RD as anti air in certain conditions,i guess there would be some test to do with priority about the landing frames and if CC can change something or not.
By the way i’ve noticed that one could throw gouki with normal throws before he grabs,is it just a matter of timing?

There is a Raging Demon set up vid for CvS2 floating around somewhere (it is pretty old). It is for a different game, but a lot of the set ups would work for A3. For example, jump fierce (blocked), cr whatever (blocked), short hurricane (misses on crouching opponents)–>SGS. Reason it works is that he doesnt stay airborne very much during the hurricane, so by the tume he is on his way down, the blockstun has worn off. Do the motion on the way down, so when he lands, he grabs them.

At point blank range, you pretty much gotta think of the SGS as a command grab, since it comes out pretty much instantly–I think it is 1 or 0 frames, but some one correct me if I am wrong.

I forgot. Does the Raging Demon/Shungokusatsu/Instant Hell Murder go through fireballs in the first few frames.? Or is that a Shin Akuma thing? I think Shin Akuma did that to me in A2.

SGS is invincible for only 3 frames after the screen unfreezes, so it’s pretty hard to do it through fireballs, but I’m sure it’s possible…if it were a very fast fireball, and you did the super as late as possible. And it would help if you were really, really close to the person.

The move grabs on the 3rd frame after the super flash, which is pretty quick. The problem is really the speed Akuma travels during it. In 3S, for example, he moves forward really fast, so even if the frame data and throw range is the same, the actual distance traveled makes it a better move (if you were gonna walk up to someone and throw, it will go better if you have a really fast walking speed).

I don’t know of any SGS setups besides the whiff SK hurricane kick one, but there was a guy who I used to play X-Akuma against who hit me with it as late anti-air a few times. Also, I found out the hard way that if you try to activate V-ISM vs SGS you will get grabbed. Akuma can grab you in your startup frames before the screen pauses.

Other than that, I don’t know how else you’d land it, other than someone being dizzy. You can use it as psychic DP vs pokes at close range, I guess.

I’m talking alpha 3 here - I use several setups for the RD - primarily you can use it as a wake up attack - if they are point blank then you’ll grab them - got me doing this in this vid, again works best of they are coming down from a jump (and not crouch cancelling :slight_smile: ):


As you can see I grab Karin on the way down form a jump, mid crouch animation connects straight away. You can use it as you would a wake up 720 or similar, just obviously can’t be sticking out the jabs or anything.

In terms of actual setups - see this vid:


You can mix up the hurricane kicks - third round on the vid shows what i mean. Two ways of doing this - you need to know the ranges on the hurricanes, either so you go over their head and land straight behind, or so you drop straight in front. You need to activate as soon as you land. If they have ducked under, naturally they will try and punish the missed special and you can suck them straight in. Must be point blank, must be straight from the hurricane, hardly time to land.

The final ploy I use is to juggle them with a hurricane and catch them on the way back, if they air flip you can nail them as they fall backwards. Don’t have this on vid though, it’s harder to do, but if you time it right they air flip and you catch them when the crouch at the end of the jump animation. I’ll try and capture this as well and post it up on here.

Took me a while to get all the timings sorted for these, but it’s nice to unleash them mid bout. Let them fear the full meter :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Alpha 3:

  • whiff jump fierce > demon
  • anti-air demon (invincibility should go through their air attack)
  • c.LK xx LK.hurricane (whiff) > demon
  • LP.roll > demon
  • demon roll > late fierce (land before it comes out) > demon

(notes on notation:

  • “LP.shoryu” means “do the shoryuken with jab”, and so forth.
  • “demon roll” is qcf, uf+P
  • “demon” is the shun goku satsu/raging demon/LP LP f LK HP)

to be honest though, the first three are the only ones i ever use.

in Alpha 2 you have much MUCH less invincibility on start up… at least, i get hit out of anti-air demon a lot.

In A3, RD seems only good as an anti air, or if they’re dizzy =/

That’s why I switched to V when I played A3 back awhile ago.

haha… yeah V-Akuma wins hands down. A-Akuma is fun though once in a while. few things feel better than landing an anti-air demon.

last time i was in japan i played against an a-akuma player and he got me with a raging demon as i was coming down from a jump.

since you can’t block supers in the air this surprised me. bastard player.