A2 Help with Zangief

Hi, I play A2 on GGPO regularly and I am having trouble playing Zangief against certain characters. The characters are Dhalsim, Chun, Rose, and Sodom. Can any of you venerable SRK members help me out with some strats.

cant help you with sim, chun or sodom, but against rose, his j. d+mk (the knee) beats all her anti airs except her alpha counter and maybe her level 3 super. if you predict the alpha counter, you can just spd/fab against it.

but yeah, keep dropping those knees which ticks nicely into spd and lariat against her fireball. i might be oversimplifying this fight but thats the basics of it.

Not true, Rose can c.hp extremely late to trade everytime. And rose can ac for a free s.hp xx hk drill.