A2: how does rose beat chun li?

I’m clueless, it seems everything rose has gets beat by chun.

low strong

hmm, i’m not expert on this.

You can try to use your priority on your c.mp and roses’ c.rh is the 2nd best in the game iirc. I think c.rh will out range all her moves but not sure. You can use those 2 moves to out zone her then when she tries to footsie you, AC+P and combo it out.

I wonder if this is a bad fight for rose.

Low mid punch. If they try to jump low FP.

Just fair warning guys, i wouldnt spam c.mp. Her overhead move beast it for free. I know because i’ve punished roses bad when they spammed it. Just use it sparringly and you should be ok. Also normal pressure with shadow super owns her pretty bad.