A2 trivia v2.0

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  1. Name three instances where Sagat can juggle a tiger uppercut.

Cancel from s.mp as anti-air
After a corner Tiger Raid.
After a sweep if opponent tech rolls after cc.
End his ground cc with a lp tiger uppercut when opponent is standing.

  1. What is Guy’s best anti-air option without meter.

c…mp xx HK hurricane

  1. Who can do the most damage with a lvl 1?

Without the glitch it would be Gen with a 65% or so lvl 1 cc, with the glitched SI Rose can do a 100% combo.

  1. Name 4 characters who can juggle after a cc has ended.

Guy, Sagat, Akuma, E.Ryu,

  1. How can you avoid juggles?

Input tech roll command early to avoid juggles

  1. Explain Properties of Gief’s SPD.

Can grab opponent on their first frame of recovery etc from hit/block stun as well as on the 1st frame wake up. This is non-jumpable and characters without meter or a invincible can not escape it.

  1. How do you combo into Akuma’s Air fireball super while doing a ground cc?

Cancel it from a f+mk, only works at lvl 2 or higher.

  1. Which version of Adon’s Jaguar kick is safe on block?

Mk and HK versions are safe by distnace, but always hittbale by a cc.

  1. What is the best set-up to land a Raging Demon?

c.lk xx lp roll cross up, RD

  1. What are the properties of Gen’s c.fp in KKK stance?

Does x3 damage on counter hit, Gen take x3 damage of whatever he gets hit by

  1. Who has the most useful lvl 1 super? Worst?

Rose Soul Illusion (dominant) , Ken’s shoryureppa (combobility), Chun’s puffball (safe, tons of invincibility)

  1. Name 2 ways to juggle Rose’s Aurora Soul Throw.

Off a hp soul reflect (corner), Anti-air c.fp

  1. What can Sodom do to Gief at the very start of the round for guaranteed damage?

720, as long as gief has no meter

1 - after a corner Tiger Raid
2 - cancelled from an anti-air standing Strong
3 - after a corner 2-hit Tiger Crush?

Seems to me to be a pretty subjective question; best at what exactly? Damage? Positioning? Stun? Mix-up set-up? Intimidation?


Akuma? Guy? Evil Ryu? Sagat?

By entering the roll command as you’re hit; depening on the juggle, your altered falling trajectory might be able to avoid the juggle.

Is really, really weird. Can seemingly grab in the last remaining frames of hit-stun, block-stun and wake-up animation?

Short HK-> QCF x3+P?

The spaced Roundhouse version?

I find this pretty subjective too. Best = most guaranteed? Who’s to say that dizzy-> Instant Hell Murder is not the “best” set-up? Hope I’m not being difficult.

On counter hit, this move will boost the damage of the received by 3~4 times the damage of the move countered. This will also apply if Gen is hit during the crouching Fierce.

Were you thinking of Rose’s Soul Illusion for the best and Dan’s QCFX2+Start for the worst?

1 - after a corner Fierce Soul Reflect;
2 - corner, deep anti-air jump attack so Rose that lands before the opponent, Aura Soul Throw.

720+P? QCF+Jab?

Answers in your quote

Rose can combo into Aural Soul Throw after a crouching HP