A3: A-Guy

Hi, I’ve just picked up this character and so far he fuckin rocks.:cool:

So far I’ve learned that c.mp is his best poke and can buffer into whatever. I like to buffer into bushin elbow drops as it can cross the opponent up.

Also I buffer into bushin slide or cresent kick for a mixup game but it doesnt work as good as the elbow drops.

Other things I’ve learned is throw into super in the corner and j. d+mp beats most air to air moves.

I’m trying to improve my game with him so if anyone here plays him, please post your strats.

I’ll post later

c.JP, s.SP, s.FP is not a true chain. fact is, when you score counter hit with the c.JP (other possiblities i.e. c.SK) the opponent will be in hitstun longer than normal, and long enough to link into a s.SP which can be chained into s.FP. after s.SP, s.FP chain you should really always try to go for a XX lvl3 super followed by one of the juggles bushin stated, whenever you have the full meter (practice that shit).

on wake-up the 2-hit c.FK is a decent choice (except against 0-frame invincibility moves like chun-li’s tensho kyaku or a super like ken’s shoryu reppa). when you sense they will try to block because they’re thinking another sweep will come, that’s one of the situations where you could go for a s.MP, s.FP XX qcf+P. strength of P for the bushin lightning drop/ elbow in this sequence really depends on how far you both are from the corner and what you think the other player tries after the s.FP.
say, you are both in the corner and opponent blocks a close s.SP, s.FP on wake-up but after the FP tries to jump out, in that case you could go for a JP bushin drop to catch em in their attempt to escape. be careful tho, and stay mixing it up, cause the next time the opponent could very much be expecting that JP bushin drop and just dragon punch out of it.
after a blocked s.SP, s.FP you could far more generally go for an FP bushin elbow, because it comes out extremely fast.
these are just examples and keep in mind that you should experiment with all the possiblities.

I will post more later as well:D (bushin murder setups:evil: )

bushin wij moeten echt weer eens spelen, kan ik je n00bass ownen:lol:

just a conceptual…type… question.
i hear Guy takes it bad from Shotos who sit there and turtle and c.FP anything that comes from air. i imagine that shit could work in A2, but in A3 you have the guard meter so it’s not as easy. but say you were playing as classic Ryu (or World Tour Ryu with infinite guard meter), then does Guy have problems?

ie is Guy a reactionary character that has difficulties if the opponent doesn’t act first?

I never use c.JP, s.SP, s.FP becuz I’m lazy but c.JP, s.SP is a true chain and s.SP, s.FP too. i will look into it gian

fp elbow drop doesn’t work midscreen and I think Jp elbowdrop is always a bad idea becuz SP elbow drop will catch people too if they jump.

  • use FP elbowdrop in the corner and SP midscreen

short hurricane kick ( anti-air, wake up )
forward hurricane kick ( pschycic dp )
roundhouse hurricane kick ( combo’s )

qcb + jp ( can combo)
qcb + sp ( move through fireball ,get close to opponent)
qcb + fp ( move through fireball )

when you do qcb + punch u r invincible while turning you have to anticipate your opponent a bit.

I was gonna post my 1337 strat Ouroborus but gian will just copy it now :bluu:

ball point if opponet has inf guard a guy player would have to change his strat a bit . and there are other ways to get people to eat the lvl3 super

  • more overhead attacks
  • s. SP xx run , kkk grab
  • antiair lvl3 punch plays a bigger role

usually i don’t use these three so much because I don’t want to give the opponent a chance to regenerate his bar

post more later


in my opinion, guy benefits from confusing your opponent at close range, mixing it all up from fast moves (ex. close s.MP, s.FP xx FP bushin elbow) all the way to a sporadic slow move (ex. s.MP, s.FP xx RK hayakage/run cancel kick). this means that the opponent must be put under pressure, until he lets down his guard to try and counter, and these counter attempts is what you should be looking out for to counter yourself. so in the case of having to fight a classic ryu, who is turtling, i’d suggest you keep the pressure extremely tight, so don’t leave holes anywhere but stay steady on the offense, and keep mixing it up. mixing it up is very important: say you keep jamming at the opponent with s.MP, s.FP xx qcb+JP/mountain breaker (a sequence which doesnt leave you open for counterattack), you could try a close c.SK, walk-up throw another time. there’s a good chance he will not see it coming fast enough and fall for it. (this is called tick throwing, one of the oldest tricks in the book) the next time your opponent could try to counter you walking up, when you sense that, you could hesitate and snuff his poke. his kick throw leaves the opponent open for juggle opportunities, ex. : kick throw, lvl3 8-double fist/bushin hassou ken<----essential guy trick, especially vs defensive opponents where generally the throw is your weapon.
on another note, ryu’s c.FP is outprioritized by the bushin elbow drop and the air elbow drop–if you time it right, else you will trade at least;). it’s the dragon punch that guy fears.

to answer your question more directly, i think guy has to (learn to) pressure the defensive and lure them out. in the end turtlers will always lose, very much against the mighty (complicated) a-guy:lol: he has absolutely no difficulties with pressuring the opponent and making them open up

if you look at guy and his whole arsenal, I’d personally say that he doesn’t have much single abusable moves, but he instead
relies on winning in all these different situations with all his very
different moves. his main focus is to keep poking/whiffing and trying to create an opening for a fat combo. there will be some rounds where he won’t even get that opening, but will win on the strength of his pressure game.

by the way,
guy’s jump is not so good in itself, it goes far and is hard to aim with. (there are of course n00bie situations where he should jump-in for a fat combo though). I’m not trying to rule jumping-in out in the whole. say you jump over ryu’s hadoken from far, and ryu will try a counter dp, he can shorten the trajectory of the jump with d+SP!, leaves him safe in most cases. the d+SP also has good air-to-air priority, and decent air-to-ground.


c.JP does not chain into s.SP, go check it out

gast doe alsjeblieft niet zo raar en ga niet dingen verbeteren die ik niet heb gezegd. tering we waren toch cool, wtf is deze attitude

C.jab -> s.Strong is NOT a true chain. It only works on counterhit. However, it is his prefferential block string. You can mix up the run trap pretty well by alternating between that and s.strong -> s.fierce chain.

His hurricane kicks work like DPs in a way. IIRC, they beat out low hitting moves (gotta check this out again) and leave them in the air, allowing for more juggles.

His airthrow sets up all kinds of crazy shit. Integrate it into your game pretty well, and you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re going to use one of the qcf + k followups, use the roundhouse one. IMO, it’s the only one worth using (besides the stop, obviously.)


gandido, how does one space himself for the roundhouse followup? i keep eating normals or dps when i try it…

im sorry i just felt like trying to answer your q:
i think it is possible if you set the opponent up for it. like scaring him to counter first, watch til you get him on defense. sort of the same way as you would use a general overhead attack.
be sure not to perform it too close or you will leap over a crouching opponent.
i usually go for a slide/axekick-run when i score a lvl 3 kick super, but dont juggle after wards, because the opponent is forced to roll after landing from a lvl 3 kick super.

BIZump. Any character specific strats? Any at all use of V-Guy?

v guy sucks

Buummppp. Does anybody want to discuss matchups? Cr strong is a must AA vs gief, it beats the splash o doom. You can do the follow up of your choice afterwards. Cr jab or cr strong i think beat out Giefs knee drop. Also i try to bait out his long ass normals like st fierce and try to hurricane kick the limb. I wouldnt advise jumping in, lariat owns everything Guy has I think. Really not that terrible of a match up for him IMO. Anyone has strats against A-Chun? Tough match for me. Everyone <3’s loves Guy.

Hey guys (no pun intended),

Great thread. Here’s a cool video I saw at another thread. It’s an A-Guy vs. V-Akuma (my worst enemy). Well here it is:


Yeah thats a sweet vid, i saw it earlier. Good idea to post it here though :wink: Is that the same Guy who was in the Japanese National vids? I cant read kanji heh.

GianL: Just curious… Why don’t you juggle after the lvl3 kick super?

MrSimpson: I HATE fighting Gief with Guy… :frowning: You can’t get fancy at all and have to play a very minimal game to keep him out (I like to play fancy :)). I think d.jab beats the hurricane kick??

Bleh… Oh yeah, I dunno think it has been mentioned but the forward kick hurricane is best for hitting low normals… Well, not the normal, but to pass thru and hit the attacker upclose.

marvelscrub: Yeah he limits Guy a lot but its kind of a cool match up. Fun to play to me anyway heh.

I was looking for some Guy info and found this thread and the following post which fits in here nicely.

After seeing how Shinya dealt with Sonic Booms I don’t think that Charlie is that bad of a matchup for Guy. I still don’t like it though.

ALSO, s.short makes a wonderful anti air when c.strong isn’t working well. Just make sure you do it from a distance so you get the s.short that points upwards, and if you think you’ll get a counterhit, cancel into jab Bushin flip and you’ll get some nice damage. :smiley: You CAN always cancel into run to get some nice vertical position, and as always, if they’re afraid to tech, s.strong into whatever you want.

Something that I think has been overlooked:

When people do KK roll to get out of the corner and such, don’t sweep them. Instead, they’re giving you a free Bushin chain! Start it off with close s. short and go into the chain as you normally would (not a link, s.short © -> jab -> strong -> fierce -> rh). Saw it done on a video once, but I never really made much since I didn’t understand what happenned BEFORE, but now I do.

Airthrow into corner into Bushin chain is also really nice. So is air to air counterhit j.strong, land, Bushin chain. :slight_smile: