A3 A-Ken


When I used to play A3, end even now, A-Akuma and A-Ryu(sorry, I cant do Vism :mad: ) were pretty much my top characters.

But now that I’ve been playing again, I’ve taken a slight interest in Ken. but I’m having trouble figuring out where he has any sort of advantages over the other shotos.

I like his crossup animation and I do make use of his rolls. But do any of the kicks he has give him a boost in the combo or poking department? His standing roundhouse, a great move in CvS2 and 3S, seems too slow coming out and retracting to be used more than once or twice a round if that.

Does he have any kicks that work as simple super-less combo enders a la his HCF + short “krazy kick” from cvs2? I’m sick of ending combos w/ a fireball and a DP only works if you know you’re goin unblocked and are close up.

KEN you shed some light?? He’s top tier 'cause of the pony tail, but I’m not sure why else…


Or could someone, at least, point me to a thread? I started this thread because I couldnt find one in the last 16 pages


Ken really isn’t that much better than the other shotos in A3 (although i think he’s better than ryu in cvs2, and is about the same as akuma). His towards+roundhouse move in A3 does a good amount of guard damage and i basically use it to get counter hits. I try to use it’s slow start up as an advantage. Ken just isn’t as good as the other shotos in this, but he’s still a decent overall character.


I figured he wasn’t as good… but I’m wondering what neat things he can do the other shotos can not, such as using his f+rk as a counterhit.


his f+rh and s.rh are good attacks. really good for footsies. i usually do f+rh during opponent wakeup as meaty. then follow up with a s.rh. s.rh has hella good priority(as well as f+rh if the attack animation is out) and can cause plenty of counter hits, and during those counters, its an opportunity to go into a cc series if they flip out incorectly. just practice messing around with those 2 attacks. you can get some good stuff with it. the other thing that makes him stand out is his air hk has the most priority of the 3 shotos. its REALLY good. beats ken and ryu’s and basically anyones jump attacks for free.

also his j.fierce is really good too. when you land an air to air j.fierce counter, the opponent floats up much higher than normal when compared to other counter hits with every character. its what i call a high float attack. only other attack off the top of my head that do this with a jump attack outside of a vc would be karins j.rh. but anyway, the beauty of this is you can land a couple more cc j.fierces after. most characters can only follow up with 1 more hit after an air to air counter. but ken can follow up with 2 and can pretty much kill if its near the corner. like if you are somewhat near a corner, you can j.fierce air to air ch, cc j.fierce x 2, c.fierce, jab dp(i think this dizzies, been a while, if it dont, try the other strength dp’s). then do j.fierce, s.fierce, jab dp. then any level shinryuken if they are still alive. the super is flippable, but opponent cant block it and cant flip away from it. only way to escape is if you are dhalsim and teleport, or flip out and vc thru. and maybe 1 or 2 other character specific moves might do the trick. but basically, opponent will eat the super. and if they flip, good for you cuz that just means he reset the damage for you. haha… and of course the last part is only if you are in A obviously


hope some of that helped


Yes. Thank you :slight_smile: But a question about 1 thing you said: if you meaty with a F+RK on wakeup, ie. you’re in really close, if it’s blocked, arent you meat? I can’t see any other blocked normal(especially his standing RK) following it up fast enough not to eat something very painful in between.

Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but his F+RK doesnt seem to recorver near fast enough to have it blocked it while sprites overlap


When poking with Ken’s standing RK, you don’t even really need it to hit, alot of the time people will try to out poke and get counterhit.

Also up close Ken tries a weaker, cr. JP, cr.SK, SK Hurricane/overhead/cr. FK > hadoken variant that is ok if you really want to get in close.

Often people jumping in will go for air hurricane to land behind and avoid anti-air and then cr. FK > Super.

I usually find Ken more of a problem than Ryu since people don’t have to get close to cause trouble like Ryu with his close high/low games. A-Ken players love wakeup crossup FK into high/low mixup on hit super, and they love corner air counterhit FP into Shinryuken. Often Ken’s will play runaway with air hurricane during the final seconds of the round of they are ahead.

The Shoto’s have so much priority on everything its almost sickening sometimes.


hey dude, are you in chandler now or something? lemme know.

people seem to misinterperet what a meaty is.

meaty = performing an attack early so it hits the opponent late in the hit frames to get a better frame advantage. so basically youll be recovering from the move while opponent is still in hit/block stun, since the attack hit later in its attacks frames, giveing you more time to poke on something else or possibly combo… the sprites dont need to be overlapping.

anyways back to f+rh. yes you can be reversaled between f+rh, s.rh poke. but only a dp, vc, and maybe a good super will stop it. but then again, those same things can stop a lot of good pokes. and you dont do it up close, that is not smart at all. zone the opponent out with these attacks. do f+rh from far, then follow up with s.rh… it works


Muskau… thank you! That’s pretty much what I was lookin for.

Sabre. You’re right, my “meaty” definition was a bit skewed. Thank you for clarifying. Yeah, I’m in Chandler. Dobson ‘n’ Elliot. No doubt, at some point, you’ve puked at the Filiberto’s that’s almost in my back yard :slight_smile:


dude wtf, how long you been in town? howcome you never come around to any gatherings?? post in our thread? anything??? lemme know whats up


Hey Sabre. I’ve been up in C-town almost 10 yrs now. I never really knew about any gatherings or anything, as I play console SF almost excusively. I’m guessing you guys play console too, but my point is I never really looked into the local scene MUCH…

I did meet up w/ Geoff(forgot his last name) at Golfland when he lived here, but that was a long time ago. I’ve also gone to Neil’s(Two Tikkets) house twice for some CvS2 sparring.

What games do you guys play and where? I love all SFs, but CvS2 is the only one I can say w/ confidence I will be able to hang w/ u guys :slight_smile:

Now that I’ve got mame and shit, I’ve been playin a lot of A3 and, more recently, KOF’02!!! That game is awesome! I play N groove in cvs2 and kof02 is like “N groove - the game” lol been playin it for 3 days and I feel like I’m better at it than any other game, save maybe cvs2. lol

hit me up on aim if u want: they2jprblm

later :slight_smile: -Jesse