A3: A-Sakura vs Shotos

how do i deal with or prevent crossup attempts?

i started getting into the habit of blocking high and opposite direction everytime i see a crossup attempt but it doesn’t always seem to work. (ie. if they jump from the right side and their sprite seems to be j.mking on my left side, i high block with stick pushed to the right)

i tend to try to jump and intercept them with a j.lk or an air throw a lot but this seems like a risky strategy.

how do i deal with constant jumping tatsus?

they use this to switch sides on me a lot and the recovery of the tatsu on landing seems so miniscule that they’d beat me jab vs jab.

i seem to be able to land st.hp on them, either hit or blocked, if their tatsu had them land a bit further away.

when their tatsu lands close, i was under the impression i should jab into sho’ou combo them. any tips?

problems landing st.hk. any tips?

with a-sakura, for some reason the st.hk likes to do odd things to me. sometimes it would do the close version and completely whiff, sometimes it would do the long version and completely whiff. it seems so random to me and i try to throw it out every so often but the risk of throwing out a whiffed st.hk seems too great. any tips on how i may more effectively use this kick?

x-sakura combo

i haven’t been able to figure out how to do this combo where x-sakura does some sort of jab or short and then it links into st.hp xx sho’ou’ken. is there a special timing for it?

sakura crossing up

when are good times for sakura to attempt her own crossups? what are good setups for crossups?

PS. my v-comboing sucks, i’m still new to fighting games
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Here’s my 2 cents…

As for Cross ups, you just need to play and gain some experience dealing with them, if its any consolation crossups are just difficult to deal with no matter what. The key is to try not to get yourself in the situation of blocking them to begin with :slight_smile:

For the tatsu, hmm not sure as I dont play Sakura much but I would imagine you can try to find a normal attack that beats it like back+hp(in V-ism) or far standing HK.
If they fly over your head and land right beside you try doing a far HK right before or as they are landing from tatsu.

When in x or a ism the computer chooses the type of normal that comes out either close far version (another good reason to learn V). So you cant really choose. I guess you just have to learn the range on the HK if you want to continue in A or X ism.

Here’s the full X-ism combo (you can start without the cross-up as well):
crossup mk->cr.lk x2 chained into a st. close HP -> HP shou’o ken.
The key is it pretty much hit the HP at the same time as the LK so it will chain.

If you cant get the Cps chain to work just switch out the st.HP for a st. LK (this works in all isms). Less damage but easier.

If you really want to be good with Sakura you have to master the second combo, it sets you up to repeat the crossup mk and combo.

Good setups for her crossup would be any knockdown, HP sho’o ken and definitely her Punch throw.

Here’s a budget v-combo that you could learn to get you started:
MK+MP activation - LP sho’o ken->(MP sho’ken)xn when at the corner (st.HP->HP fireball)xn
The ability to to choose your normals especially HK and HP makes V-ism very worthwhile to learn , not just for her great VC’s

I’m def. not the most knowledgeable around here but maybe this will “prime the pump” so to speak.

Very very deep cross-ups have to be blocked the opposite opposite way. That’s why they become ambiguous. Your opponent can vary the timing to change the way you have to block. You might be able to jump and take the hit to get bounced out if they try to go really deep and it’s not a complete safe jump.