A3 and the need for VCs

I’ve played Alpha 3 for a few years now. Unfortunately, there has been no enduring competitive play in my area. So, it kind of leaves me wondering just how necessary it is to learn VCs to play competitively. For most characters, is it a viable option to play in A or X? Or is this the equivilant of bringing a knife to a gun fight?

Generally, most characters perform better in V, which is OK considering the learning curve is much steeper. There are some exceptions such as A-Sim, but generally V-ism is the best choice.

That being said, A and X can still be formidable and should not be ignored. It depends on the character.

I <3 X-Chun. :smile:

I also think Balrog is overall better in X- for the extra range on dash punches, and his insane super does more damage.

Only problem is V-combos will eat him up.

Isn’t A-Sim supposed to hold it down?

A lot of characters are still good in A, but those are usually better in V.

X is good, but tends to lose to V worse than A does. Does good vs A, usually.

  • Adon: X, A
  • Akuma: V, A
  • Balrog(boxer): A, X
  • Birdie: V(?)
  • Blanka: X, A
  • Cammy: V, A
  • Charlie: V, A
  • Chun-Li: V, A, X
  • Cody: V
  • Dan: (?)
  • Dhalsim: A, X, V
  • E. Honda: A, V(?)
  • Gen: A, V
  • Guy: A, V(?)
  • Juli: (?)
  • Juni: V
  • Karin: V, A
  • Ken: V
  • M. Bison(cape): A, (?)
  • R. Mika: V
  • Rolento: V, A(?)
  • Rose: A, V
  • Ryu: V, A(?)
  • Sagat: V
  • Sakura: V
  • Sodom: V
  • Vega(claw): V
  • Zangief: V

The first ism listed is what most people play that character as, or what the character is better off in. The question marks just mean I’m not sure. Like Dan and Juli are just going to have a hard time no matter what -ism you pick. Birdie, I dunno… Birdie has an infinite and an OTG, but he’s really hard to place for me, since I almost never play him.

Most characters are better off in V-ism. Though, there are some characters – like Dhalsim, Gen, and Guy – who are simply better off in A-ism.

V-ism has a lot of benefits. Air activations, unblockables, confusion/mix-ups, infinites, OTG’s, anti-airs, etc. But it really depends on the characters Supers/VC’s.

Just because a character does better in A, doesn’t mean they are crappy V characters. And visa-versa.

Karin and Rose are sort of an odd. In my experiance, they fair just as well in V-ism and they do in A-ism, so it’s hard to tell which is their “better” -ism. Personally, I would put Karin in V because it gives her a lot of anti-fireball dynamics, it also gives her a lot of OTG options, some unblockables, and of corse it gives her an infinite. Rose I would put in A, but I don’t really have a valid explaination as to why, her V game is just as strong if not stronger.

Gen can also do well in V. But he’s absolutely better off in A, IMO.

Charlie is another character who seems to be able to switch between V and A, and still do just as well. In his case, I would say that it depends on who you’re up against.

Also, this is entirely based on my opinion.

what exactly does guy lose in v? aside form the obvious

personally I enjoy A-ism allot more plus it’s much more rewarding if you kick a V-ism player’s ass while playing as an A-ism character IMO

The ability to bust out a level 3 kick super into bushin chain into SP>FP>hurricane/flip off a far strong… ON REACTION.

[Edit]: EG. far SP, FP, lvl.3 Kick super, (hold toward), bushin (ff) chain, SP, FP, bushin hurricane (or flip if P2).

Amoung other things.

Wooo, that own’s but does he has any way to start a vc from a bushin senpu kyaku ? I would like him with that. Is it possible to play X/N-guy ? Does x-guy has a faster walking speed ?

You mean:

  1. VC -> Hurricane kick -> Juggle
  2. Hurricane Kick -> VC

#2 is impossible, since the oppoent can always tech flip after a hurricane kick. And #1 is only possible in or near the corner.

And X-Guy only has his command throw super, so he’s extremely diffacult to use. Though, on a side note, X-Guy can do: JP, SP, FP, down+RK to throw the opponent during a bushin (ff) chain. And he can also cancel standing JP into close FP with doujioshi: JP, SK+FP

Other than that, X-Guy isn’t really anything special.

I think Dan’s v-ism unique pushblock alone makes v his best ism. Not that matters anything…

Crap I thought a : vc3, low jab, hurricane, juggle would be possible from midscreen.

What are the moves that can reach the opponent when he lands from the hurricane kick. st.forward ?

Midscreen? After the hurricane, nothing will reach.

Only thing you might be able to hit with after a midscreen hurricane would be qcf+FK run > slide kick (Kage Sukui). But the slide kick can’t be canceled, so that ends the combo (really weak).

All of his good/powerful VC’s don’t use the hurricane at all.

ok the launcher is the ff chain, therefore no anti-air vc’s.
However: counter hit low strong(anti-air), strong bushin flip grab, vc3, juggle IS possible

The opponent can tech flip after the bushin flip grab. You can only juggle if they don’t tech flip.

I didn’t knew that, why can’t I juggle if they flip, the low strong is midscreen.