A3 and xvsf tournament may 9th 6:30 pm est

Xvsf and A3 tournament going down May 9th 6:30 est

Xvsf will be on nbfa p2p(if you don’t got it I’m sure someone can get it for you)

A3 will be on nbfa p2p
Dark renagade

Jimmy Bones

I’d be down for xvsf

cool, try to get ahold of nbfa, it’ll let us all play p2p with out a huge amount of delay.

I’ll talk to jeff, killeragamit, storm queen, and a few others. I’m sure they’ll join

wtf is this shit a3 players? we can do a3 on ggpo. ryu1999, kyukujin lust luckey where you people at

I’m in 4 a3

I’ll be in on Alpha 3 once I can get GGPO working

alright awesome

Ight yo, sign me up for xmen

When you think you might run this tournament?

Next friday proll. I just want to see how many people are interested

I’m not sure if I’ll be available, but I’m definitely interested!

a3 <—this is free for ya boy son!!!


NInja plz =p

Join xvsf as well foo

Count me in dude, for A3.

I can’t get GGPO running well. Is it possible to do my matches P2P on nFBA?

for the sake of sanity we can all play on nfba all games =p

I’ll be on the GGPO Test Sever 28.8 so…
No rules made?


Are there any rules in A3 that are really enforced? if so plz lemme know

Ok so I’ll be posting on here the brackets when i get everyone in. plz pm each other or try to keep contact with each other anyway you can.

Are we gonna do this in an efnet room?

How do we get in there? do yo umean the chat they set up with nbfa? if so then sure