A3 Charlie thread

Can someone give me some tips of him? like links, combos, strats’, etc. Thanks.

Please? :frowning:

I play a ism charlie a lot at the arcade and I basically play him like a shotokan with a dash from hell.Use his crouching fierce and his crouching jab for anti airs and learn his jump in combos.But learn how to abuse his dash after his sonic booms.

c. mk and c. mp are good pokes.

Standing fp has excellent range and anti air.

Sonic booms have excellent recovery so follow up with fp or fk.

some good combos are:

c. lp, c.lp, c. lk, sonic boom
jump mk (cross-up), c. mp, sonic boom or hk somersault for 4 hits
jump fp, fp, sonic boom

i play v charlie, u basically wanna zone them well enough to force a jump, or corner them and guard crush them.

you wanna establish mid range offense with things like jab sonic boom, step kicks, c.mp and c.mk.

anti air with either VC, early s.rh (very high priority, but it must be used very early), s.mk, back+fp, c.fp, or air throw. flash kick tends to lose to high priority jumpins.

charlies jumpins are solid also use j.hk from the front, and j.mk is a very worthwhile crossup.

for your crossup combo use j.mk, c.lp, c.lk xx hk flash kick.

if u get a quick opening and have no meter, do c.lp, c.lk xx hk flash kick

punish laggy stuff with c.rh, and either crossup or dash behind it.

use f or b+mk to go over low moves.

once u get them in the corner do gc strings like c.lp c.lp, c.mp xx jab sonic boom walk up step kicks and see how they react. if they jump, anti air them, if they just sit there, continue the pressure, but be wary if they have meter.

Thanks epsilon_!!..=)

Charlie is all about pressure and creating pressure situations.

Like said before, drive your opponent to the corner, apply the appropriate blockstring, and dare them to jump out.

I don’t like Charlie as a turtle in this game. Flashkick looses to everything.

In fact, if you are going to flash kick as anti-air, combo it from c.mp.

Does anyone have any links to some good charlie matches. I checked out UZD on combo videos and there were a few v-charlie matches but nothing spectacular. Same for you tube.

I’ve seen some old threads talking about a batch of a-cho vids but the links have expired. Great thread so far.