A3: Crouch Cancelling Question


I know how crouch cancelling works but I was wondering how the timing goes? Is it like my character lands and as soon as he lands i do a super jump motion? What’s the speed i do it at? I realize that this is kind of a tough question to answer but i haven’t been able to get crouch cancelling to work other than by luck.

And i’m sorry if this is brought up in the A3: Q&A thread but that thread is 61 pages long and even with search options, it’ll take a while to look for what i need. Thanks.


uhm, you crouch right when you land, meaning you need to be holding down before you land so you avoid neutral state, and you jump back up before you reach full crouch(which is also neutral state)


you have 4 frames to cancel the crouch animation so you bearly see it.

kinda like my avatar.