A3- Dhalsim

this thread is all about A3 dhalsim.

-i play him in A-ism. i’m just wondering what are some of his common block chains to push an opponent back once they get close?

-is there a guaranteed way to combo his anti-air super? and what is the best way to combo his other supers?

-is he worth learning in V-ism? i think his pokes are so strong and prioritized, that it’s kinda not worth it.

-one little trick i do is once i get a downed oppoent, i get really close, jump up, hk drill (which either crosses up or hits high), then once i land, i immediately do crouching hp xx fireball. since his crouching hp has so much priority, nothing short of a VC or super is going to knock you out of it.

-another thing i do is on reaction to seeing a normal fireball, i do a hp drill to hit them with the tip of my head, which provides me the spacing to either stick out a slide or hp if they walk forward.

just share your little tricks on dhalsim

  • crouching JP -> SK slide -> FP Yoga Flame -> <far> strong

  • The best way to combo his anti-air would be to cancel off a <close> jab or strong or doing it off a counter-hit jab, but this isn’t reliable (not to mention extremely difficult) – the angle is all wrong. You can also do the Yoga strike off a Yoga inferno. This isn’t a true combo, but it’s pretty unstoppable anyway. The chances of the Yoga Strike hitting improve infinitely if you opponent is cornered, but this is unlikely to happen in the case of Dhalsim, since this would mean that you have to get into your oopponent’s face not not using range to fullest advantage.

His Yoga Stream and Inferno supers can be combo’d off almost all of Sim’s cancellable moves. The advantage of doing a Yoga Stream combo instead of doing a Yoga Inferno combo is that it’s a lot easier. Important: never do these supers off a major counter hit, or any conter-hit in the air. The supers will miss.

  • While the drill does have high priority, it has horrible recovery if it his high, like you suggested. You will be thrown or VCd after being blocked, even before the crouching HP comes out.

i take it that JP means jab punch? short kick slide?

and does his slide go under most characters fireballs?

What is the timing to cancel his MK and HK slides into his various specials/supers? At one point in time I had the timing but I’ve completely forgotten it now…

its easy just buffer the 2 fireball motions when doing the lk slide into FP or whatever level.

Im haveing trouble fighting people uplose with 'Sim. Any tips?

Crouching Fierce beats everything. So does jump back fierce, for what it’s worth. Close Forward is good anti air (buffer into fireball and look for s.rk when they flip), standing jab is good against crossups IIRC, and good as anti air. If in A-ISM, Alpha counter vs crossups and/or to push them away so you can continue the match from a better position. Kick throw also opens the gap back up.

Bumping this thread out from obscurity

don’t forget his air throw. my new trick is to jump behind shotos and air throw their dragon from behind, right as they come off the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Sim’s air-throw proves there is no God. Or that Capcom developers smoke crack

Any videos showing off some Dhalsim tricks.

What we need are “Tricks of the trade” videos for A3. I mean, CvS2 has great ones, A3 could use them bad since it has much strategy and tricks.

Heh, I could probably make one if there was enough demand for it.

I wouldn’t mind that vid. Post it Xenozip.

i would definitely like to see that also

Same here.

I need to build a list of all the things that should be included in it, and then start recording everything.

If anyone could add to this list, I would appreciate it.

Things I have on the list so far :

  • Kattobi cancels

  • Proximity cancels

  • Kara cancels

  • Walk Cancels

  • Crouch Cancels

  • Uneven sides

  • OTG throws during VC (all) & multi-dizzys

  • Throw tricks

  • Roll tricks

  • Charge tricks

  • Tech flip tricks

  • “Float” tricks

  • Mashing (damage reduce) demonstration

  • Damage scaling demonstration

  • “Slam” throw damage demonstration

  • Guys corner cross-up glitch

  • Cammy, Juli, and Juni’s mid-screen cross-up VC ‘glitch’

  • Zangiefs SPD range tricks

  • Rose’s AC range

  • R.Mikas Kara cancels

  • Dan and Juni’s pushblock tricks

  • Dans Dankuu Kyaku tricks

  • Cody’s Bad Spray tricks

  • Akumas c.RH cancel glitch

  • Juni’s Mach Slide mix-ups/feints.

  • Unblockable VCs (all)

  • Unblockable re-sets (all)

  • Escaping Unblockables; tips/tricks

  • Roses A-ism unblockables

  • VC delayed shadow tricks/cross-up tricks

… What else?

Xenozip that sounds good enough to me. All the unblockable VC’s sound nice, I look forward to those. I think that list is good.