A3: Dreamcast versus Arcade

can someone tell me whats the difference? i hear that the DC is different, but PSX is pretty much arcade perfect (except loads times and less frames).

The Dreamcast (along with nearly every ported game by Capcom) has everything unlocked. Puts the fun out of unlocking everything.

I don`t know who told you that the console was different than arcade.I know the dreamcast is arcade perfect except for what you said your self.:evil:

yep, Dreamcast Alpha 3 is completely arcade perfect!!! :smiley:


Rehan (Dead Man Inc.)

…yep, DC is arcade perfect. I can play it.

oh yeah dc, and psx a3 is…arcade perfect… :lol: sarcasm

yah Dreamcast and PSX are ARCADE PERFECT !!!:mad:

The DC speed is different than the arcade (not sure about PSX’s speed). The arcade speed setting is inbetween the defaust DC speed and the next fastest.

And for every home version Dhalsim is raped :mad: Moves are slow, and wierdness occurse like moves going through people’s head.

geez, c’mon, u know dc, psx, gba and arcade are the same. don’t be sarcastic, j00 know it.

where to start?

A few differences:

they toned down dhalsim :confused:

some moves have less prioity like guy’s slide.

some move inputs are different, ie. karin

VC activation invincibilty is changed


main problem with it is different timing on VCs, like OTG’s are different, etc…some combos have different timing.

list goes on… play DC version a lot and expect arcade skills to diminish.


yes the dc port is as perfect as the psx mvc1 port =)

party pooper


Thanks for the info.

arcade > saturn > PS > DC

misc difs to arcade;

  • Dhalsim gets raped
  • spirtes on DC are misscaled (oversized or undersaized, afaik)
  • invincibility on PS VC activation is tighter. one of the better handicaps i guess.
  • Rose’s L3 Aura Soul Throw can be escaped by tapping KK (roll) (PS, not sure bout others).
  • Guy can FF chain > c.SP xx bushin tombstone in corner (PS, not sure bout others).
  • L-ism 99% throw glitches missing
  • glitchdriver missing?
  • misc Jimmy video glitches missing


  • BAS Gouki otg VC timing is pretty much the same on PS.


DC version is perfect:mad:
Arcade version is slow:lol:

This is the single greatest thread I’ve ever seen.

And the only thing better than the DC version is SFZ3 Upper. Best game ever…

Hmmm Japanese and outside country versions of A3 are different too, with some small differences. On the japanese PSX version you had the option of loading your characters into the ps-pocket if i recall correctly. And your world tour characters had no set colour pallette.

Also the Arcade version has vastly better AI.

What I wanna know is what are the differences between SFA3 and SFZ3 Upper??? I think I heard the crouch cancels were taken out, but what else? But I heard it got a cold reception in Japan since they couldn’t perform their crouch cancels anymore and the overpowered PSX characters were toned down.

Sounds to me like SFZ3 Upper was perfect. Too bad it came out for the Naomi GD-ROM board only.

SFZ3 upper is basically the DC version with ccs taken out, and Dee Jay weakened, AFAIK. I never got to much into the game, because it’s hard to find. Probably some more character-specific tweaks.

…but that’s OK, because the DC version is ARCADE PERFECT.