A3: ending VCs with crouch cancels?

i’m trying to practice the crouch cancel enders on PS version, and by crouch cancel enders i mean the stuff you tack on to the end of VCs, usually with an unescapable setup with the shadow, in the corner, to get some meter back or add more hits.

are there any for Sagat, Cody, Akuma, Nash, or Sodom that work on the PS version?

i can’t get Cody’s to work (instructions from Nibor’s notes), i only know a half-assed one for Akuma, i can’t get el_diablo’s whiff low strong into reset thing to work, and iv’e no idea what Sodom’s is. i’d love a hand with this…

oh… and feel free to post anything regarding VC crouch cancel enders in here.

okay… on the PS i can sorta end Cody’s VC with the infinite with the sequence below…

c.FP xx FK ruffian kick,
FP xx FK ruffian kick (whiff),
{ruffian kick xx c.FK (whiff)} repeated to corner,
{FP xx JP upper (whiff)} repeated until VC at 20%,
RK, c.FP (whiff), wait…
ccj.SK repeat

…the problem being it doesn’t work if the opponent flips neutral or doesn’t flip.

is the sequence wrong or is it a console thing…?


I’m pretty sure all ports of a3 got rid of crouch canceling… they’re all a3 gold/upper versions

ah… that might explain it. but PS A3 has crouch cancels. hmm…

Maybe this will help you: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1277041&highlight=#post1277041

DC and PSX A3 definitely have crouch cancels. Upper is different than the home versions.

i don’t suppose it would be appropriate to ask where to download kawaks A3…

correction bout the Cody infinite via sequence in Nibor’s notes; it works, most of the time, on all flips. two issues;

  1. sometimes: the opponent flips, the shadow hits, and my crouch cancel follow up misses. it hits sometimes, so this seems to be a random thing.
  2. the opponent can choose not to flip before the shadow hits, and flip after it hits when i go for the crouch cancel follow up.

again… console thing or am i just messing up big time…

sorry, but i don’t know if any of the setups i do works on ps version. i’ll try, then i’ll tell you.

flip where? and aren’t they supposed to be able to flip before the fierce’s shadow hits? i think i’m doing the roundhouse into fierce cancel just right, since it hits regardless of how the opponent flips or doesn’t flip. i just don’t understand why they can still flip AFTER the shadow fierce hits, or once the infinite’s started. mind you the j.SK has great priority to go into infinite anyway, but that’s not the same thing.