A3. Having trouble finding a combo guide for the game. Trying to make a PSX TAS of world tour

Hello… I’m trying to make a TAS [Tool Assisted Speedrun] of the PSX version of world tour for Alpha 3.
And, I’ve seen a few combo videos and found a few combo lists. They don’t add up. The combo lists will list combos and all but wont always show the TAS available combos [which I would expect since they’re going off what’s humanly capable, however some of the combo’s I’ve seen are done without the use of tools and they’re better or different than the combos done in the limited guides.].

Most forums I go to I can find character specific guides. Personally I want to do a Ken Masters world tour TAS and not a single combo guide I’ve read mentioned that he can do forward Roundhouse into srk. Haven’t found frame data either. I’m just looking for something to give me a head start so I don’t have to do this whole video from scratch. Thanks in advance if you provide me with any information and thanks if you took the time to read this.