A3: How's your OTG skill on Sakura?

With V Karen I could probly pick her up 4 times out of 10 tries … And that’s only with duck roundhouse into her roundhouse kick overhead move.

Punch throw then activate V … Probly 3 of 10 tries … But during V if i do the punch throw then OTG it’s 100% success rate.

After her rekka ken combo into slide ender than V OTG is almost at 0% :frowning: <~~~ Need to get this down!! hehe

Everyone post your comments on your OTG skill on characters with a wierd fall timing etc. Sakura, Gen

Everyone who has a hatred for her unite!! hehe


Damn, am I the only one here? No feedback from anyone huh … :bluu:

well i have nothing to post, you already know what i know lol

Huh? I never noticed anything different from OTGing Sakura or anyone else for that matter (but then again, I can only OTG with Karin and Gief). As for Karin, I never noticed any difference.

I don’t know how to beat Sakura. Last time I left the game the last time I played someone using Sakura in V-ISM. It is that frustrating for me.

OTGing Sakura and Gen in general is harder than OTGing anyone else in the game … They fall diffrently than the others … So the OTG is a lil more delayed. Are you sure you don’t see the diffrence? I mean if you were to go fight against say Akuma and then Sakura, I’m sure you should see a big diffrence in timing for OTG?

Sorry, no. I haven’t noticed any difference. What I have noticed is that characters bounce differently from an OTG. Gief and Adon, for example, is hella hard to combo after Karin OTGs 'em. Cody bounces weird after Gief glitchdrivers/OTG’s em. But as for picking them up… no, I haven’t noticed. And, while I’m usually up to trying stuff out, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to experiment with it – ignorance is bliss.:slight_smile: