I’ve just been testing her these days.
She seems quite fast,but not very damaging,yet she is quite refined and has lots of moves,i guess she can be a complete character
-s.strong seems good aa
-s.fierce and roundhouse have nice range,and can both poke or anti air.
-c.forward to poke,nice range too.
-i used c.strong at close range,against crossup it seems to hit opponent before he lands.
-jump short easy crossups.

-mach slide:short version is good for pressure after a s.fierce,c.strong or c.short,it allows to recover faster.
i also used forward version to go through fireballs.
-cannon drill:the last part can go under fireballs,and short version is quiet safe from far even blocked.
air cannon drill can be surprising(charging the move then upback,f+K)you can do it then near the ground or a bit higher,and it can hit a fireballer in action
-air qcf+K:i don’t know if you can be a combo starter,i guess not,yet it can crossup,it’s much safe to do it when oppo is grounded.
that’s all i remember for now