A3 Karin

Currently I’m playing wirth Karin, and I’d like to deepen my skills.
I play mostly A-Karin, since I can’t get much practice for V-ism and anyway there are no arcade machines here so it’s a constant switch between psx, sat and dc version, and having the timings changed everytime makes using V-ism too inconsistent (aside from hadou-raves).

Things that I use:
Standing HP as anti-air… works very, very well, seems to beat almost anything… I have to time it a little but for the most part I don’t have any problems. What’s the best option after a CH one?
I also use standing MK as far anti-air; it’s also a nice poke and seems quite safe.
Standing HK has great priority and guard crush, but laggy start-up… I use it sometimes at the end of block strings or at maximum range.
jump MK is a nice crossup
when I find an opening I usually go for cMP into rekkas.
Against non-V-ism I do the kick launcher during the rekkas and then the kick super, getting them even if they flip out.
I know that V-ism can flip-out, activate and drop through, so I use that setup more sparingly… but still seems to have potential.

I have problems managing Karin’s counters… are they really worth it? is there any good setup?

I also find some trouble in certain air-to-air situations.

Any suggestion and/or correction is welcome.

The two best players that I have the chance to play use V-Ryu and A-Blanka, so any suggestions on these match-ups would be appreciated (expecially against).

Oh, some v-ism combos and setups would be not disregarded… maybe I was looking at V-Karin from the wrong side, not understanding her well…

I do not know much about karin either. I am also just starting.

What i like to do for her counters tho is do a punch rush with only two punches and then brake into a low counter. I have not actualy had this work yet…(dont laugh) but I feel it is a good Idea.

Go to www.mfr.jp/acho/movie19.htm and download the fourth video from the top (acho_gekitou_zero3_final.wmv).

Edit: Also get the sixth one from the Zero 3 section (acho_zero3_20040222d.wmv).

amazing vids…
but still, I don’t see V-Karin being that much better than A-Karin. Her VC’s are quite good, but lot of her damage comes from her rekka strings and pokes, and in those A-ism is at and advantage…
anyhow, maybe A3 experts will correct me

Re: Re: A3 Karin

I think the VC’s and CC combos make V-Karin definitively better than A-Karin. The grab OTG VC’s are too useful.

What is a good crouch cancel set up for karin?

I too would also like to know.

In a vid I have seen one but I have no idea if it’s a true setup or not.

Get them in the corner during VC3 (i think?), get your repeated palmstrikes going, meter gets low, jab palmstrike, quick whiff jab palmstrike, jab palmstrike, as they fall again whiff 360+K (shadow palmstrike hits) and then jump RH.

Probably wrong. I dunno.

I played A-Karin almost exclusively in Alpha 3.

Her jump short is also a pretty good jump in, especially deep as somebody is getting up. It works well against Blanka, as it’ll take out his up ball if he actually chooses to use it. If it’s blocked, you can land and go into her command grab, or you can hesitate a second and do a couple of low shorts into rekkas.

You can mix that up also. You can do low short, low short, hesitate, then walk up and command grab, or do another low short into rekka.

After a launcher, sometimes I’ll jump up into airthrow to catch people who are lazy about flipping. Otherwise I’ll mix it up with supers, or by walking around underneath them and using standing Fierce.

Her standing MP is actually really good. It works as a pretty good wakeup, and against fat characters (Charlie, Bison, Sagat, etc), you can actually do meaty standing MP and link to low or standing short into rekka punches. For that reason, I’ll finish a lot of my connecting rekkas with the slide so that I can get close for wake up games.

A piece of trivia: her standing MP will actually beat a LOT of dhalsim’s limbs from across the screen. It’s doesn’t look like it works, but it beats many of them cleanly.

Standing short is actually a pretty good poke move as well. With Karin’s fast walking speed, you can dance in and out of range of your opponent’s poke range, and toss it out. It comes out really fast, and you can combo her rekkas off of it. I use that and standing MK a lot.

I use her counters sparingly. I’ll occassionally toss one out after doing a rekka just for variety, but they’re a little too easy to see coming.

In general though, V-Karin is a better character. Her V-ism combos are damaging, and not especially difficult to setup or perform. I never got used to V-ism though, so I never bothered.

Thanks for that. There was some good info there that might help me in matches against my friends.

I play V karin as my main, and consistenty perform crouch cancels against decent online opponents…

Her true inescapables are:

Player 1:
-> Fierce palm thrust juggles in corner
-> jumping jab (while rising, very quick. They have a chance to flip, but even if they flip this will still hit them)
-> Walk cancel while shadow hits with jumping jab
-> Jumping roundhouse crouch cancel infinite (or at least until 50% meter, then go for air throw)

Player 2:
-> Fierce palm thrusts juggle
-> single jab elbow
-> jumping jab (flippable, but still hits a flipper)
-> walk cancel (very short, while shadow hits with jumping jab)
-> jumping forward (on the way down from jump, crosses up so that you’re in the corner)
-> walk cancel (short-ish, while shadow hits with jumping forward)
-> jump back (towards corner) jumping roundhouse crouch cancel
-> jump towards opponent (away from corner) jumping roundhouse crouch cancel

The reason the player 2 combo is so much more complicated is due to the cross-up nature of player 2 karin. You can try just jumping vertically and doing the player 1 infinite (albeit with a walking-backwards walk cancel) but the timing is too hard to do more than 4 or 5 jumping roundhouses. By crossing the opponent up with a jumping forward, you can juggle them accross the arena until they’re in the other corner, then air-grab them, which brings you very close to 50% meter, but not quite.

Actually, if your timing is really good, this set-up does not allow for a flip opportunity at all.

I’m pretty sure that’s a just-frame in order to make it have no tech spot. If you do it too soon the tech window comes before the shadow hit, and if you do it too late there’s a tech spot after the shadow.

It can be a little misleading if the opponent always tries to tech after the shadow, but the window was before it, or the other way around for that matter.

Ideally you want the tech spot to occur after the shadow, because then there’s a bigger window before they can block, making the j.LP hit unavoidable (unblockable). And also less chance they will neutral tech through the shadow.

Also, damn this is a 4 year old thread you bumped, Sylph.