A3 Matchmaking

hi im kinda new to kaillera. ive been playing Alpha 3 for ages but ive never went online with it. i would very much like to join a ranbat or just hook up for some casual play.

I got a couple of quick questions first

1.what game speed is most common to compete in on A3 on kaillera ?
(when a3 first came out its default was set to normal , when anthology came out last year the default speed was set to turbo2 )

2.is there an arcade version of A3 Upper (or was that console based only) ?

  1. I really dont know wich server might be best for me , I live in Europe ?

(im very aware the sticky says no rom talk …but i also read a tread about the kaillera sceene dying and about how people should be forthcoming and help new people get into the fight , any answers apprichiated)

this thread has been made before… Just search for the old one.

yeah …thanks ive found answers to most of it now.xept what speedsetting people use ?

turbo 2