A3 Rolento strats plz


SFA3: Rolento

I’m trying to learn how to use ROlento. I’ve been toying with Z and X, but V-ism was never for me. It’s pretty ahrd for me to use V, so, any tips? Or even some to maybe help me on using V-ism?


To tell you the truth, Rolento has no really good all-purpose midscreen custom. He has a ghetto unblockable combo that can do 30-45% damage most of the time and not to forget to mention his crazy 50+ hit corner combo. The three customs you might want to know with him are:

VC1: j.Forward, c.Short, c.RH (this is the unblockable, you can do whatever, as long as you make sure the j.Forward’s shadow will hit when you do a LOW attack, which is the RH.)

VC2 (CORNER ONLY): [c.Short, s.Forward, s.Fierce, sj.Strong x2] repeat until meter is depleted then do c.Forward, Pipe Twirls. Now, this may or may not work on small people, I’m not sure about the limitations on this one.

VC2 (Only off counter hit j.Jab): After j.Jab, jump -> activate -> j.RH, cc.RH, cc.Strong, cc.RH, cc.RH -> Corner -> keep doing cc.Strongs until you’re out of meter and until you can’t do it anymore (which is 4 times)

You’ll be using the first 2 the most unless you know you’re gonna be able to get a CH jab. Now, I’m a little iffy on how the third custom is done, but I think that’s pretty much it. Otherwise if you’re not sure, stick to sure damage with b+Fierce for anti air (it’s up there for range with Sodom’s) and poking. Don’t be afraid to use his V-ism AC, it’s VERY useful at times. And for his unblockable, be wary of counter customs and wake up DPs.


I use A/X rolento at the moment, since I’m not good enough with arcade sticks to pull VC’s yet.

X Rolento is quite confusing for some people if they dont play X Rolento much. He can almost be played like Twelve, super jump in, pressure or poke, and jump away again. X Rolentos hits do obscene counter/guardbar/dizzy damage. And it helps you get the super in so much easier.

A Rolento is far more versatile, with AC, super jump/normal jump. Two extra supers, airblocking. Rolento’s normals do most of the work, with FP and JP being his main weapons, with FK and SK being used occasionally. And the other normals being used in specific situations. Most of Rolentos specials are designed for evasion or escape, remember Rolento’s strength is his mobility, if he gets cornered then he is in trouble, if the opponent gets inside JP range, throw them immediately. The Knife is usually used for buying time, annoying the opponent or baiting. The back roll is usually used for positioning or escape, as is the wall jump. Rolentos 3x Spin stick combo is always used after a crouching FK, NEVER use it if the FK is blocked.

Rolentos Supers each have specific uses. The Wire is usually used after causing a dizzy, or guardbreak or after an opponents laggy move. The Knife can be used for guardbreaks, cheesy victories, corner pressure. The Grenade is usually used for laggy moves or predicted jump-ins.

Basic Tactics are:

Pokes: crouching JP, standing JP, crouching FP, standing FP, crouching FK*

  • follow with 3x spin stick combo

Anti-Air: standing SP, standing JP, standing RK, jumping JP, jumping SK

Other normals can be tried out as well, try to experiment!

If anyone has anymore tips or corrections, feel free to post


I still deem Rolento’s other supers beside Tripwire fucking useless. EVERYONE except X-ism has air block, so if you waste a level on the grenade super, you just wasted it period, you gain no advantage. Knife super has NO USE AT ALL. NEVER USE IT. Just stick to Tripwire and and use your extra levels for ACs. And put c.Forward (and not c.FK, since that can be interpretted as c.Fierce Kick).

And tell me how you can’t do Rolento’s unblockable custom? It’s 3 things that don’t even combo, it’s like impossible to mess that up.


Are you sure? This would be the first airblockable super I have heard of in a3.


If you can’t, forget it then, my mistake. But still, grenade super sort of sucks, gotta do it the SECOND your opponent jumps.


charlie sonic boom super is air blockable also. like that in all alphas


Can you use this vc to go into the midscreen? Is this better ( more damaging)


…That IS a midscreen combo. What told you it wasn’t?


I never said it wasn’t a midscreen:confused: . I meant is it better to keep doing that unblockable or go into his other midscreen (the one in the vc thread)

What told YOU that I thought it wasn’t a midscreen?


The only other midscreen he has is the off CH j.Jab ONLY.


i meant this one

His MIDSCREEN (THANKS TO Nibor, the bombest white man on the East Coast) is:

VC1, c.Forward, pipe twirls, [s.RH, sj.RH, land] when you get to corner do s.RH, sj.Strong, proceed to do CC j.Strong.

never mind man.


yeah you can transition from the unblockable to that, but i think that vc is pure ass. does no damage at all. patriot circle at the beginning of a vc is very bad. 12 hits of 1 pixel damage at the start of a vc will scale the rest of the combo horribly. youll get much more damage by doing unblockable til meter runs out… all IMO of course


Yo, can someone gimme some Rolento starts & combos plz? I used to play as Rolento back in the days of the PSX, but anymore, so I’d appreciate any help. Thanks.


BnB combo
crouching MK, Patriot Circle (HP)x3

Take No Prisoners is his best super (call the linch mob super) and u can juggle after it
Minesweeper (grenade super) is a decent defensive AA super everynow and then but what can ya do?
Other AA’s include
Standing close HP
standing MP, HK

Walk-up LP, repeat is great. If blocked, walk up throw, if it hits, walk-up LP. If connects on a counter hit, link his BnB combo

When u dont have bar, just run around with his wall leaps. Throw in a few knives to keep them at bay every now and then. Play defensivley, once u have bar let the rape begin.

I have nothing for V-ISM Rolento.

But that’s as basic I can get 4 ya. I know someone else can open it more for ya.


There’s a serious lack of good Rolento videos around (especially V-Rolento).
If anyone has any that aren’t already on youtube, it’d be helpful.



after watching that and a couple other random rolento vids on youtube, i realize how much he plays like rolento in cvs2. since rolento is one of my best characters in cvs2, i was wondering…

-in that video, he did a jumping jab as AA (with a counter hit), then do crouching fierce as a 2 hit combo. is there some crouch cancelling or cool A3 shit going on there that i don’t know about? why didn’t sodom just flip out after the jab?

-is reacting to counter hit jab, low forward into patriot circles as reliable as in cvs2?

it just sucks how none of his normals are cancellable into his trip-wire super. and i don’t really feel like learning his V-isms because i hear they’re not that great.

peace and thanks


Yes and Yes.

After air-to-air counterhit, you can do whatever you want with crouch cancelling.


and the jumping jab has to be a counter hit for you to be able to crouch cancel it? did the rolento player do the jumping jab, then tap down right before he landed (to crouch cancel) then hit low fierce for the 2 hit combo?

sorry, i’m not very familiar with crouch cancelling. i read the article, but it doesn’t really address this type of situation.

thanks again.


Not exactly.

First, it does have to be a counterhit in order to combo afterward, otherwise the opponent will become invulnerable and land on their feet (like a reset in 3rd Strike).

Second, he didn’t have to tap down, he just had to hold down and press FP (which would make it a c.FP) right as he landed.

The reason this works is because jumps have recovery frames like in pretty much any SF. But, like in most SF games you can cancel these recovery frames by crouching (which is called “trip guarding”).

Technically he is cancelling his jump animation recovery by crouching (trip guarding). The reason why it’s called crouch cancelling though, is because he is then cancelling the crouch animation with an attack (or a jump, or walking, if he wanted).

In other words, the actual mechanic is jump -> crouch -> act
where each action cancels the last.

If he were to simply land and attempt to walk forward, the opponent could tech flip because the landing has a few recovery frames. But by crouch attacking he avoids these recovery frames. He could, however, land and crouch as is he landing, then cancel the crouch animation with a forward walk (thus, avoiding neutral states).