A3: Sak vs Guy

Ok so I never was a real big A3 player, but the closest arcade to me only has A3 and mvc2 (boo)… In my lil bit of time in A3 I never played against a good Guy, and I got raped… It seemed like everything this dude does is safe.

Any tips other than bait -> activate.

Guy outranges Sakura SO well. And his priority is AWESOME! It’s terrible for her. You have to try and bait him with a VC. (like you already said). If anything…c. foward can get you out of a pressuring poke game (sometimes)

Standing RH is lousy in this matchup for Sakura. He’ll beat her out of it with c. rh and other crap.

Can’t rely on back+FP for zoning/poking unless block string it on a wakeup.

Can’t cross him over comfortably. Anti-air -> air throw (or whatever he decides to do).

Stay at a good distance and try baiting him to go under your fireballs when you throw them and then VC. But even then you NEED to be careful throwing fireballs or you’re on the ground. lol. (or worse)

Also, if you get cornered (craaap!) c. fierce is a good anti-air when he goes for the high in his guard crush strings. If it does anti-air, for more damage throw out a double charged hadoken.

Anyway… you just have to block alot with guy and keep your distance from him. Patience. Don’t try to outpoke him. Ever! I hate this matchup so bad.

This is from PERSONAL experience. I am no A3 God for advice. But I did want to reply here because this matchup bugs me as well. And i’d like better advice for my own use lol

That’s the basic strategy I came up with after a round or two, since trying to poke at him got me raped… but he seemed to smell my vc activations from a mile away. Then I just ended up in the corner and got further raped.

Thanks for the advice tho.