A3: Sodom

What’s up shoryuken

has you can see i am new at srk.com but anyway i wanted to know everything about Sodom because i heard about that japanese player chikyu who plays with him and is pretty insane but i never got info on sodom,if you got some(vc,combos,everything important)let me know

I don’t play him well so I don’t have much to offer in terms of strategy, but if you can get a hold of the B5 DVD there are a bunch of matches of him, most by the player you mentioned.

Here’s something I came across that was new to me but may already be known. If you activate the VC midscreen and 360 grab them they’ll bounce too far away to do anything else. However if you activate, sweep, and OTG 360 grab them they’ll bounce close enough to connect with a fierce scrape.

VC3: C.RH => OTG 360+P, Fierce Scrape, Strong Scrape => [S.RH * Jab Scrape] (repeat)

You have to toss in that Strong Scrape to move closer to them so the S.RH’s will connect.

vc1: cr fk, fierce scrape, strong scrape, whiff feirce scrape, (st. roundhouse, whiff jab scrape0 n. When there is a little bar left st. strong (shadow hits) cc jumping feircesn cr. feirce…

leaves you with about 25 to 30 percent bar afterwards…

Question: This is the VC I use…

VC3, cr.forward, fierce scrape, st.roundhouse, jab scrape, repeat from st. roundhouse…

My question is what can i do once i reach the corner?

I’m pretty sure after the last S.RH in the corner you whiff 2 Fierce scrapes, at which point you should change direction, do his Back + S.Fierce (hits), whiff Jab scrape, S.RH (hits) then continue on.

I though you did a 2 whiff HP scrapes, close fierce, whiff HP scrape, s.rh then continue? I didn’t know it worked with jab… maybe I’m wrong.

Experience players please analyze my Xism Sodom

I’ve never used V-ism Sodom myself…but I really want to give him a try. Here’s the way I use Sodom. So far people have had a hard time, but it just might be that most of the people I play against are scrubs. If you know a way to counter my way of playing Sodom, by all means let me know (since one of my friends is beginning to copy my style, I want to know ways of countering). It can be a bit cheap too.

I pick X-ism Sodom for the damage and the reach. Anti-air attacks are d+hp, qcf+mp for ranged anti-air, and the best one for me personally is d+mp. D+mp is also a good ranged poke. Mk, d+wk and d+wp also round out the pokes. Best combo starter for me is an up close mk.

This is where the “cheapness” comes in (again, if there are ways of countering this or if this is worthless against good players). If I knock down an opponent I crowd over them with the threat of mk. If they don’t do a wake up attack (example, shoryuken), I can mk to interupt most other attacks they would do, and chain that into a 360+hk daikyo burning for heavy damage. If I do anticipate a wake up attack, I’ll just block, and from there I have my choice of mk into daikyo burning or d+hp into daikyo burning. It’s risky business, because if you miss the daikyo, you’re screwed.

Another thing from the mk is to chain it into a butsumetsu buster. Even if they block it, the special throw comes out relatively fast, and I haven’t met anyone who has stopped it after blocking (perhaps a wp would work, but nobody’s ever done it). So if I think that they’ll get up and block expecting me to chain mk into daikyo, I’ll do that other throw to punish. I also do that if I’m successful at poking the other player into playing defensively.

It’s all easier said than done. I’ve played a pretty good player, and he didn’t know how to break this stuff. The problem against him was outpoking him, and knocking him down to begin the mixup game. I am very open to analysis and constructive criticism. X-ism Sodom is by far my favorite character, I would like to develop good strategies with him. I also would like to find out counters to my strategies, so I can deal with better Sodom players, and so I can learn of ways to beat these counter-strategies.


I’ll assume you want V-sodom. I won’t go into details about croucn canceling cause this games been out for ages and there have been a billion explainations about it.

best normals-

j.short (cross up)

basic combos -

cross up short/j.fierce/any jump-in -> c.fierce -> 360+K

cross up/any jump in -> c.fierce -> QCF+jab

tricks -

knock down -> meaty s.foward/s.strong -> 360+P

knock down -> meaty s.foward/s.strong -> 360+K

Crouch cancel VC - (basic set up, 2p version)

Activate with Jab+Short -> s.strong -> fierce scrape (QCF+fierce) -> Strong scrape (QCF+strong) -> whiff fierce scrape -> (now you are on the opposite side) -> [s.rh -> whiff jab scrape] x 3 -> whiff s.foward (shadow hits) -> j.fierce -> Crouch cancel j.fierce -> CC cross up short into the corner -> CC jump straight up fierce -> CC j.fierce to midscreen x N -> ender

Crouch Cancel VC - 1p version

Activate with Jab+Short -> s.strong -> fierce scrape (QCF+fierce) -> Strong scrape (QCF+strong) -> whiff fierce scrape -> (now you are on the opposite side) -> [s.rh -> whiff jab scrape] x 3 -> whiff s.foward (shadow hits) -> j.fierce -> Crouch cancel j.fierce towards the corner x N

guys assuming you are still around wouldnt happen to have any vids would u?

Three V-Sodom questions for anyone who knows how he works…

  1. I’ve seen the same VC posted by several people except some say VC1, some say VC2, some say VC3… does it not matter? Is one easiest over the others? VC2 seems to be workin for me so far, at least to make sure they stay juggled. But if an easier way exists, I wanna know! Also, above there was a discreprency(sp?) about what happens after the 2 whiff fierce scrape in corner turn around. Back fierce, then what exactly? Do we know for sure yet?

  2. During the midscreen RK - jab scrape repeats, will this work using strong scrapes instead?

  3. Is there a good safe non-VC bnb combo I can go for when I have a short oppurtunity? Above everyone says the main combo is normal xx 360 K. but that is WAY unsafe if blocked and without rapid fire weaks, its hard to hit confirm w/ Sodom. normal xx jab or strong scrape also seem unsafe, but way less so than 360 k! Also for block strings, I know some decent ones but none are true combos unblocked… how how to string to scare them into blocking for the 360 P?

VC1 VC’s tend to be the best for Sodom as they’re the easiest to CC off of, and there tend to be more variations of them.
I’ve been using one I stole from a Japanese video lately which is:

VC1: c. LP, s. RH, > QCF+FP (B+FP > QCF+FP until corner), then late c. LP > QCF+LP > RH > QCF+LP (Repeat until meter is low), then s. MK and CC jumping FP’s.

2)There would be no reason to use strong scrapes instead of LP ones, but they do work. Timing is just more strict as you have to be careful not to hit them with the move.
3)For a safe bread and butter, a well spaced LP scrape tends to work.

Sodom has a tough time fighting without meter from what I can tell. He lacks any kind of wake-up and things can go bad very quickly for him if someone starts crowding him too much.

For wakeup i think you can do the… wtf is it called? that move where he does the fake tengu walking? It’s a sacrifice wakeup, like ryu’s hurricane and you’ll pop into the air i think… i dunno.

BTW: you should probably start your VC with a low attack (c.lk) because of valle VC.

kyokuji you wrote:

VC1: c. LP, s. RH, > QCF+FP (B+FP > QCF+FP until corner), then late c. LP > QCF+LP > RH > QCF+LP (Repeat until meter is low), then s. MK and CC jumping FP’s.

OK so am i right that this VC, at least until the corner, only involves fierce scrapes? What makes that so? starting with the cJab sRH? or using back fierce between scrapes instead of RH? Im still having a hard time getting any VC to work, but one with only fierce scrapes would be so easy.

And then on your VC, after you get to the corner, are you repeating cJab, jab scrape, RH, jab scrape? Does this not pull any side switches at all? I ALWAYS lose them on the side switch.

Sorry, but Im just looking for the easiest possible VC. Last question is what if I have them in the corner and activate right there? Is it worth it to even do that? if so what should I do to keep the cornered and, ideally, prevent the side switch? If Im reading your VC right, kyo, looks like cLP, jab scrape, RH, jab scrape, repeat should do this? Im gonna test.

Thanks guys! I may actually have a V Sodom yet! (maybe)

Using back fierce is what makes it work.
The part with the c. LP is when you switch sides. You have to hit it real late.
If you activate right next to the corner, just do c. LP > RH > QCF+FP (x2) then c. LP, etc.
Sodom doesn’t have a corner juggle like most of the other characters (CC’s not included). Once you get there, you generally have 3 options:
Start a CC infinite, switch sides, or switch sides and then transition into a CC infinite.

I should add that it’s much easier to switch sides if you use RH > QCF+FP to transition over instead of B+FP, because the opponent isn’t falling for as long a period of time.
Using c. LK works too, but I prefer LP since it has higher priority, and you should be activating when they’ve whiffed something anyway, so high or low shouldn’t matter too much.

anything for anti air vc? or wait till theyre on the ground? ive tried activating into cFierce and into fierce scrape… all seem to get beaten out

If they’re in deep, LK > QCF+MP > QCF+FP (RH > QCF+LP x n)
If they’re high in the air, scratch the LK.

You can also do QCF+LP (x2) then RH > QCF+LP x n.

This is all VC1.

kyokuji check your PMs. i sent you a quick question i didnt want to bore the thread with :wink:

thx, -J